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How Photographers can Showcase Their Talent Online

by pixpadesign

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There was a day when photographers had to create a physical hard copy of their portfolio to be able to share their photography with others. But in the world of high technology it is no longer necessary to develop a hard copy; most photographers showcase their photography online. One will want to take advantage of some of the most popular photography sites and build an online portfolio of their work. You want to make your work stand out among many others. Here are some hints on how photographers can create smart portfolio websites to showcase their photographic accomplishments.

Audience and Goals

The first thing you will have to do before starting to develop your online portfolio is to define your audience (who you want to reach) and your goals (why you want to reach them). It does not matter, if it is a professional portfolio or just to share the photos with friends, it is very important to ponder on why you want to share them. This will be an essential part of showcasing your photography using some online resources.

Choosing the Photos

The next part of the project will be selecting the images that you want to be included in the presentation. You need to carefully go through all of the possible photos you could showcase and find the best ones to share with the audience. After you select the ones you want to share you will need to categorize them. This seems like a menial task, but it is very important for those who will be viewing your portfolio. It will keep it interesting for them.

You also need to establish some sort of logical order for your photos. If there is a way to organize them in chronological order this is good. If that is not possible at least try to organize them in some way that is easily explained to your audience.

You really do not want to choose too many photos for a portfolio. Whether you are showing them to a potential employer or customer they will not want to spend a long time dwelling on the photographs. By using an online portfolio to display your photographic talents it will minimize the time they need to peruse through the pictures.

When building an online portfolio you will need to select the photos that will show a good array of your talents. It’s important to include a variety of photographic skills in the portfolio and not use all one type of photos. Include a little bit of everything: people, still life, nature, and various types of lighting and even black and white photographs. Once you select the images that you want in your online portfolio have another person take a look at them to ensure that it is a good representation of your work.

Always put your contact information on the site where you will be storing your photographic works. You will want any customer to be able to locate it easily and be able to contact you if they want to employ you or have you photograph an event.

Pixpa delivers great looking portfolio websites that are easy to update and a pleasure to use. It lets you to create great websites for photographers, designers, artists and videographers that help them to showcase, share and sell their work online.

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