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How To Get Top Ranking in Search Engines?

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To get our work ended we go for many on-page & off-page optimization steps.


For on-page optimization we work on our own blog? so that it gets direct benefits. Again in off-page optimization we work on other blogs so that our blog gets both direct and indirect benefits.


On-page optimizations assist:

Search Engine Optimization / Better Ranking in Search. (Directly)


Further Traffic.


Better user experience.


More traffic from social sites.


Off-page optimization helps in: 



Search Engine Optimization.


More Backlinks & Traffic.



Brand exposure.


More Subscribers.


There is supplementary payback of On-page & Off-page optimizations as well.


Class Content on your blog Quality content is the original and most significant elements that need to noticed. As researcher feel its worth because it is the way where we can see why user can come to our page or blog. User all time demand all info and keyword search on single and solo click. While it means you must to keep in single link. You are all aware the content grip should be stronger and more obvious with reality and avoiding copy paste data.


 Optimize your post for the search engines.


Promote it on Social Media Sites.


Add relevant meta-tags, images and heading tags. 



Write on Mass wanted & controversial topics.


Proofread your posts for better reading experience.


All search master and report analyzers do focus on suitability and high rank keywords. What are these keywords? These are the words where we can add some words, short words to put result in our questions. We job for this word and put forward the idea of our site rank good as well others.


While searching for the best keywords we should always pick up the low competitive ones; but those keywords should get more searches too. Now, many of the Bloggers try to continue a keyword percentage of 2-3% while responsibility keyword optimization and when they can’t construct it out they do keyword stuffing i.e. recurrence of the keywords without need and at this time is wherever they do the fault.


Unnecessary repetition makes our work look artificial and then they mislay esteem from the search engines. Google will never discus with us about the percentage of keywords but will indicate the words those are targeted by others. 



Most of folks think the heading tag does not matter, and it need not much care for .they ignore and also recommend too others ignore too. But it is false and bad impact on all.Google claim by saying this:


“They are still important ranking factors. The tags h1 and h2 are still helping Google in identifying what the content is about. They help the search engines in exposing your content to targeted audience. To get more out of these tags you can even add your keyword to one of the heading tags.”


 It will merely lend a hand you in realizing enhanced ranks in explore.


Relevant Meta tags Meta-tags:



Applicable Meta tags are still playing a immense role to construct search engines recognize what your content is really. They lend a hand the bloggers in two ways:


To get to the right audience in search engines.


To give the users a reason to click on the links. 




It is very simple and sound thought, we will never touch mostly the things and matters that we really need. Or worthless for us. So the links that user found not worthy for him or her, so they will not go on for and will not tick on that too.


When users type something on Google they show the results from authorized niche sites. Only sometimes they show results from multiple niche sites. The covert behind it is that Google and other search engines adore niche sites. They offer more concentration to them. So you ought to always try to put up a niche site. Discussion of quite a few topics linked to diverse niches in the same blog is not a good design. it make the blog muddled where less under attack travel is get together and the next is that search engines don’t present a damn to them.



Media sites are high sites. They have good status in front of search engines. So when your booklover share your blog links in social media sites the search engines adore to see that. The motive behind this feel affection for is that your blog is being common by users and this really matter to them as you are grabbing and holding original and dynamic content too. So it is proved that Google like to put forward original and solo content. That means your original and genuine thoughts.


So receive the complete benefits of the Social media sites. They are planets of huge inhabitants having users of every interest. You just need to find the interested ones by making exceptional groups and pages. 



Avoid post with erroneous grammar and a lot of spelling mistakes. Than links will not get it right position and place and Google will also dislike this too. For some reference from Google you have to provide some well clear stuff to the readers out there. You need to recheck your content after completing it. You should always try to proofread your blog posts before circulate it.



Maximum precedence in front of Search Engines is the ‘Do-follow links’. Do-follow links from official sites provide many paybacks to the enhance all profits and plus points like:


 More Search Traffic.




More Traffic from the authorized site.


More subscribers / loyal readers.


Helps in branding a blog.

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