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The design & user interface of a website is very important for website visitors to understand the nature of business or purpose of the website in the least amount of time. A website acts as a true image of the company or brand before a prospective consumer approaches the company for business opportunities.

Nowadays small business mainly look for the most feasible and cost efficient way to promote their business and one of the best way is website design. It increases the customer reach, increase visibility, ease of contact, creates credibility, promotes business, and create brand awareness .Website Design guide customer in purchasing products by providing products details and also in decision making so that they can reach the final step of purchasing. Web design perform all the functions such as education, promoting, selling, advertising and marketing.

Following are the reasons why business should have website Design:

1) Cost Efficient content updates:Website design provide a quick access to a lot of people to company's services and information. People can easily download your catalogs, brochures, flyers and promotions. It reduces the cost of other marketing activities like travel expenses, electricity, workers salaries , buying advertising space, reduces publishing costs.

2 ) Real Time Distribution of information :Website serves the customers with the real-time updates or information so that customer remains updated with the latest information of the company. A website can publish new products announcements, employment opportunities, contact information, and other important information.

3) Brand Awareness:Having a website makes your company become visible over the internet and among people, this would certainly lead to new consumers and helps in retaining former. You can increase customer interactivity by taking their feedback and by answering their query or doubts this process lead to customer loyalty.

4) Customer Engagement:A website can improve business to customer interaction by providing latest information or updates, answering query, by taking feedback or providing other services can make a customer satisfied. Website with an email forms allows consumer to ask their question directly. You can include maps along with you company's outlet location this helps the customer to locate you.

6) E- commerce:Through website designs company can provide online shopping services to their customer. This makes easy for the customer to access your product. You can upload all your product images, description and specification and soon you will realize 1000's of visitors shopping at your online store.

7) Positive ROI:Website creates an online presence of your business among the people, it is very important to design website in a manner so that it will give positive results and increase ROI of the business as website market your product and services and people are now a days aggressively use internet for information. ROI measures the growth and profit of the business as website is a brand identity of the company as far as it will grow it lead to positive ROI for a business.

8) Feedback:Companies now a days introduces feedback form on their website so that they can serve their customer or prospects in a better manner. In this way they are generating loyalty from their customer so that company can retain them for a longer period of time.

Dharmenderkumar is a Digital marketing professional who has worked with over 50 brands across the globe and is now employed with a leading a leading <a href="">Website Design Company</a> – Vizz Media. He written many interesting articles on <a href="">Social Media networking<a> and in this article he has drawn his attention on the IMPORTANCE OF WEBSITE DESIGN

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