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Which Is A Master Of Lotus Notes To Outlook Migration?

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Lotus Notes to Outlook Migration is
done by many enterprises-Why?-
Lotus Notes email client is better than Outlook email client
in some ways but, it doesn’t mean that MS Outlook is not a good email client.
Outlook is also better than Lotus Notes in many ways. Why many business
organizations are migrating from Lotus Notes to Outlook email client? - The
reason, which have come up behind these migrations are; maintenance cost, usage,
interface, time-time manipulation, etc.

Maintenance Cost of Outlook is very
less as compare to Lotus Notes
- If we compare the maintenance cost of Outlook and Lotus
Notes email client then, Outlook is much better. The maintenance cost of
Microsoft Outlook email client is very less as compare to Lotus Notes email
client. Enterprises can save lots of their money by Mail Transfer from Lotus to
email client.

Usage of Outlook is much easier- If we compare the usage i.e. which
email client is easy to use and which is complex then as well Outlook remain
one step up then, Lotus Notes. The usage of Outlook is much easier then, Lotus
Notes.  Enterprises do not have to
provide any kind of training about usage before bringing any new users into
Outlook email environment.

Interface of Outlook is fully
graphical and advanced-
Third point, which can be discussed as the reason of switching from Lotus
Notes to Outlook, is interface. The interface of Lotus Notes email client is
very clunky while the interface of Outlook email client is fully advanced and
graphical. The interface of Lotus Notes can be compared with the interface of
Outlook 97 while the recent versions of Outlook email client (2003, 2007 and
2010) provides fully graphical and advanced interface.

Outlook does not require time-to-time
reason, which is very common behind the switching from Lotus Notes to Outlook,
is manipulation. This is the biggest negative point of Lotus Notes email
client. For any kind of activity like creation of work group, addition of
mailbox, etc, the Lotus Notes user requires an administrator but there is
nothing like this in Outlook. The users do not require a support person to do
such tasks in Outlook.

What to do to migrate from
Lotus Notes email client to Outlook email client, which is master of Lotus
Notes to Outlook migration? -
Lotus Notes to Outlook
migration can easily done with a third party tool. Export Notes third party tool is the master of Lotus Notes to
Outlook migrations. Better facilities and advanced functions have made this
tool, a master of Lotus Notes to Outlook migration.

This Company has built up many outstanding products
for different needs of Lotus Notes users. NSF Database Viewer,
Lotus Notes to Google Apps and Notes Address Book Converter are the examples.
Among them, Export Notes called as the master Moving NSF Files to Outlook

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