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Pregnancy And Sex – Escorts Services

by orientalbeautyspa

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Pregnancy could happen in women only if the intercourse is done at the right time of the months and in right ways. It is extremely important in the first place that there should be enough amounts of sperm that has entered into the vagina of the women while it is close to the ovulation period in the women. The human sperm usually ejected out of the orgasm do contain millions of spermatocytes in them.

These spermatocytes are microbial in their size having a head and a tail as well. The tail portion of the spermatocyte helps it to swim actively all across the vaginal tube to reach the eggs that are active. Most of the occasion, it hardly happens so. Spermatocytes die well before reaching the destination in spite of being in millions in counts. On the other hand, the availability of the active eggs to fuse even after reaching the right destination is the primordial requirement. When there is not live egg then there is no use in swimming all the way to the corridors.

They just eventually die after a certain time. They can remain active under the temperature conditions prevailing out there deep inside the vaginal hole for a specific amount of time. After that, it is hard for them to survive. It is for these reasons; you could see the laboratories have special incubators and other equipments that are made for preserving the human sperm actively under live conditions. In the case of a test tube baby, the sperm is injected into the vaginal hole by means of a test tube in which the human active sperms are stored.

In addition, this is done exactly after identifying that there are live eggs that active and present in the fallopian tubules. The doctors could find this by means of variety of instruments that are specially meant for this. On the other hand, by just asking about the recent menstrual cycle that has passed on for the women; the ovulation time could be rightly calculated without having to conduct any tests.

It is usually the seventh to tenth day after the menstruation date, the eggs from the ovary are active enough to be fused with the spermatocytes. Pregnancy happens imminently as long as the spermatocytes are also healthy and active. Pregnancy in general are not preferred for the escorts life. Most of the escort’s agencies do not employ or entertain the girls any further when they get pregnant.

It is an emotional decision for them to get pregnant. The amount of expenditure involved in giving birth to a child and grooming them up good ways, are excessive financial demand for the escorts. They will have to remain jobless for a lengthy period as well.

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