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How to Properly Fix Auto Gear System Problems

by mickeydoshi

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Because the transmission system is your car’s most sophisticated component, you can expect a ton of inconveniences if something goes wrong in it. This is especially true when you’re in Los Angeles, since a faulty gearbox will get you nowhere in such a huge area. Read on and find out about some of the most common transmission problems before you even encounter them.


The gear system system basically regulates the power of your vehicle. It lets you shift gears manually—if your car has a manual transmission—and lets you reach the velocity that you need. An automatic gearbox also works the same fashion, but since it’s automatic, you won’t need to worry about learning the way to use the gear stick. However, both gear system systems are prone to basically similar troubles.

Problems and Solutions

There are a lot more twist and turns driving a manual gearbox auto than in a vehicle with an automatic gearbox. The second most apparent difference is the vulnerability of a manual gearbox system to different damaging factors. The following are just some of them:

Gear Malfunctions. When the gear stick refuses to shift into another gear, driving could be a form of torture for you. The gear stick might not work since it’s not oiled enough, or maybe some bolts and bars underneath are out of place. It’s not advisable to drive your vehicle if the gear is not working right, so you have to take it to a reliable South Bay body shop. If you don’t do that, you’ll have problems regulating the speed of your auto while driving it.

Overheating. If you’re smelling something burning in your gear system, your gearbox may be overheating. In this case, the most likely cause would be the transmission fluid—or the absence of it. The gear system fluid helps cool down your gear system system and improves its performance. Vehicle mechanics at any known body shop Torrance residents rely on can help you deal with this trouble.

Leaks. The gear system fluid also reduces friction between moving parts, making sure that your transmission system doesn’t run too hot. However, the moment leaks develop in the transmission system, you should take your car ASAP to a body shop Los Angeles vehicle owners trust so that you can avoid wasting gearbox fluid and run into more issues. For more information about transmission repairs, please go to

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