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Road cycling safety tips for young enthusiasts

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Running, jogging, walking and working out with heavy machines or weights are the most common ways of shedding those extra kilos. Cycling is a unique combination of tonal and cardio exercises which will give you immense pleasure and leave you with a feeling of rejuvenation after every trip. The best part of this sport is that it is not limited to any particular age-group. Anybody can try it and do his bit to save mother earth from fuel emissions. Recent years have seen a lot of changes in cycling and the way younger generation is pursuing this sport. More and more people are embracing the sport for varied reasons like some are in to enjoy the breeze, some for staying fit while some are just in to test the speed element. Fast riding sometimes results in accidents and injuries which can be easily avoided by taking following precautions-

  • Cyclist should always keep his eyes open; no matter where you are cycling on the road or in the mountains always be aware of your surrounding and road conditions.
  • You should also keep a good control on your speed especially at the turns and slopes. Unexpected vehicles or animals can be good reasons for accidents and serious injuries.
  • Always wear your helmet to avoid any direct injury to the head. Many people don’t feel the need of wearing helmets, but it is a great safety precaution to be taken to avoid lethal head injuries.
  • Cyclists should choose bright clothes on rainy days; it will help fellow road users to spot them in heavy rains or mist easily and avoid road accidents.
  • Always obey traffic rules and signals, also ride your bike either on the roadways or in the cycle lane, this will avoid accidents with the pedestrians.
  • Never ride bike carelessly with both hands free from handle bar, this is very dangerous and often young children are seen doing this. Parental guidance is required in these situations.
  • Always use hand signals to communicate your moves to fellow road users, show physical signs with one hand for instance if you are about to take a turn.

These all are very basic, but important tips every person should undertake to avoid unexpected injuries while cycling. You will be able to enjoy more of this wonderful sport with these simple yet effective safety measures.

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