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The Use of Pagers and Beepers in Various Enterprises

by pathanewadler

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Pagers and beepers were a minor communication fad that became widespread in the 1990s. Today, with the use of cellular phones and smart phones as multi-purpose communication devices, it seems that pagers and beepers have become a part of our recent history. Well, not quite.

Pagers and beepers are still being used today for more practical applications in some businesses, primarily restaurants. A set of pagers or beepers are used by employees to communicate with their superiors, customers, and one another. A pager system can easily alert them of their tasks, and also inform them that their customers are ready to be served. Hospitals and church nurseries can also make use of pager systems.

In a pager system, a master transmitter is in control of working these other pagers and keeping them connected with one another. This master transmitter is also equipped with devices that ensure the security of the pagers. This centrally controlled system makes managing complex enterprises, such as restaurants, less of a hassle.

Loud beeping and strong vibration alerts are what makes service pagers so effective. If the user is in a crowded and noisy environment, the vibrate alerts can remind the user of something in case the beeping cannot be heard over loud music or the chatter of many people. Loud beeping and strong vibrate alerts also make it a point to the user that the thing they are being reminded of is very important.

This is especially true for restaurants, where stress levels are continually high, especially during peak hours. Paging systems alert servers and customers when there are free tables, newly served dishes, and new orders. With controlled settings, pager systems provide discreet and quick service without waiters, managers, and cooks constantly having to bark at each other just to alert one another of new orders.

Paging systems are best used for crowded restaurants, so that customers will not have to wait in line before they can get a table. Instead, they can walk around the vicinity, chat with other diners, or enjoy a drink at the bar. A similar system is used in church nurseries, where parents who cannot find babysitters can leave their young children while they go to work. Timed alerts work like an alarm clock, signaling to parents that it is time for them to pick up their children.

Hospitals also have paging systems similar to table pagers in restaurants. While coaster pagers allow customers to alert a nearby waiter of their additional orders, a hospital pager allows an immobile patient to alert the nurse station if they need anything. This reduces distress for everyone. For more information, see

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