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Secret of Success? Surround Yourself With Good People

by NAcongress

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There can’t be many people of the planet who haven’t heard the name Tommy Hilfiger, but many people might struggle to put a face to the famous name. The world-famous fashion designer has been awarded a lifetime achievement award for his services to the fashion industry and took the time to share a few of his top tips for success. His story is one of hard-work and determination, starting his first business selling customised T-shirts on the streets of New York, building to a small chain of stores called People’s Palace in the seventies. That business ultimately failed and he filed for bankruptcy aged 23 but that turned out simply to be a wake-up call and spurred him on with greater determination to succeed.


What you need to succeed


Hilfiger cites learning the harsh lessons of his initial failure as being crucial in his subsequent success. ‘I learnt a lot after filing for bankruptcy at the age of 23. It was then that I set my sights on truly building my brand and learnt the importance of paying attention to both the creative and the business side of things,’ he says.


He goes on to say that for those in search of success should ‘Never lose sight of the creative side of things — but it’s also really important to focus on the business and to surround yourself with good people.’ This last point can often be overlooked by those with a desire to succeed. Too often we look only within ourselves and pay little attention to the environment and the people we surround ourselves with, but they can both have a profound effect on us. If we surround ourselves with people used to failing, they subconsciously give us the message that it is pointless trying, because our plans and dreams are bound to end in failure. That's why surrounding ourselves with people used to success can make us think, ‘hey, maybe my dreams aren’t so unrealistic afterall’ and make us more willing to try and more likely to succeed.


Think big


‘If you're going to think anything, you might as well think big’ says business legend Donald Trump. This titan of entrepreneurship is just one of the guest speakers at this year’s National Achievers Congress held at ExCel London from 5th -7th October. This event is the chance for those with a hunger for success to surround themselves with some of the most successful people on the planet, to learn from their experiences on how to achieve their goals and immerse themselves in an environment where success comes as standard. Surrounding yourself with like-minded, ambitious people can change the way you think about achieving what you want and learning from the best mentors, including the world’s No.1 Peak Performance Coach Anthony Robbins and many other experts in their fields, can do wonders for your chances of success. To register for the National Achievers Congress 2012 go to


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