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Plumbing: A Reason for Worry for Public Health and Safety

by darryliorio

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Europe was overwhelmed by a pandemic that eradicated tens of millions during the Middle Ages. In 1349, the so-called Black Death--hitting Iberia, Scandinavia, and the British Isles--stretched throughout the region in only a few years. Historians explain that the lack of suitable plumbing during the time expedited the spread.

Thanks to significant advances in medicine, humanity currently has a fighting chance should the Black Death rear its ugly head a second time. Then again, history must not replicate the error of having plumbing that is anything but sanitary. Without a good location to store human waste isolated from the rest of society, it's the dark ages all over again. The World Health Organization has pointed out that plumbing is public health problem--and the following ailments are the reasons why.

Dysentery: This inflammation of the intestines has been discussed in history a couple of times, to indicate throughout the Middle Ages. Inadequate plumbing means there's no other way for human waste to end up far from disease-prone spots such as farms. In the case of Middle Age Europe, the people were affected with bacillary dysentery, the more typical kind of the condition.

Throughout the Crusades, the warriors were more worried about contracting the disease than giving up one’s life for God and glory. They were far from their houses where living a healthy life was still possible; waging war in the desert didn't enable suitable hygiene and health. Camps without appropriate waste disposal systems motivated the warriors to leave their litter almost everywhere, triggering a lot of them to be affected with dysentery.

Cholera: Ask anyone about the first thought that pops up in the mind when you mention "cholera" and some will answer you "water." As a water-borne illness, cholera has also gone down in history as a grave killer. Because the medieval individuals obtained their water from nearby lakes or rivers, pollution of these water reservoirs may usher in a cholera outbreak. Had they accessibility to the good plumbing Langley BC citizens have in the present, things may have been better.

History has taught humanity improving plumbing systems also implies enhancing the quality of people's lives. With the modern-day age, many have put in standard but efficient plumbing Langley contractors suggest. So if your water smells or looks strange, it’s a wise idea that you have the pipes checked as soon as possible.

World Health Organization offers extensive details on the various diseases you can get from unsatisfactory plumbing. Visit to know more about it. Also, contact your Surrey plumbing service provider for more information on taking advantage of proper plumbing to guard you and your household's health.

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