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Reality TV is bordering on unbearable

by oscaradian

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Living in what seems an overwhelming culture
of reality TV, and scripted spontaneous happenings betwixt a group of
20-something year olds, trying to find their way in the world, a grizzly murder
can be a welcome change. We just mean in terms of television! Don’t be a
weirdo. But sometimes the bad TV makes up for the rubbish we might have to deal
with at work, in our private lives, or the continual spouting of bad news from
every media outlet. Sometimes, a duvet day in front of the box can be a much-needed
occurrence, especially when the world appears to be crumbling beneath our feet.
Have they really not sorted out that mess, yet? In terms of RealTeeVee (that’s
what we’re calling it, and we’re almost certain it’s going to catch on), they
love to have a location. Be it a country, a London district, or a shore of some
kind, there needs to be a place for the happenings. Whilst there is one to be
found about the goings-on in the district of Chelsea, stiff upper lip and all
that jazz, there isn’t one that focuses on a particular profession. Some come
from the PR world, others hail as ‘models’, and some live off their parents;
inheritance, and such. But we’ve come up with a cracking idea. We think ‘Escorts
in Chelsea
’ is inspired and will have ratings that go through the roof.

The problem with a TV show centred around models is that you
already know so much about the world of modelling. It’s cut-throat, it’s
looks-obsessed, it’s shallow to the point where it looks like there will never
be anything left to paddle in! We’ve already had a glimpse into this world, and
we’re grateful we’re not in it. We need something that not a lot of people know
much about. Potentially something quite controversial, you know how channels
love to bolster the unorthodox choices of its producers, get people talking
around the water cooler. Yes, you might possibly see adverts for ‘cheap
escorts in Chelsea
’ in a few telephone boxes, perhaps a couple of boxes in
the classifieds will discreetly mention companions, but apart from that, you’d
be pushed to find an advertising book directly calling for this type of work.
That’s because it’s still considered quite a taboo. Whilst Belle de Jour
revolutionised the way we view this type of work, encouraging others to step
out and say ‘I am not ashamed’.

Whilst the Chelsea escorts may not necessarily be open to
the idea of showing their faces, particular family members, you see, this can
be worked around. We’re thinking the idea of some sort of animorph, digital CGI
springs to mind. Whilst photoshopping a bunny's head to a woman and trying to
convince the viewers that cheap Chelsea escorts are in fact human, it
would be something new. Something original. And something to get people’s

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