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Putting a Premium on Child Dental Healthcare

by darcylosh

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Do you know new born infants don't have tooth decay bacteria? Often, the bacteria are transferred from mom to child, any time she kisses the newborn or blows the baby’s foods and nutrients and drink. While newborns may not be vulnerable to tooth decay, it's recommended to take your daughter or son to the dental office as soon as possible.

Bacteria are passed from the parent or principal caregiver via saliva. One more reason for premature tooth decay is extended exposure of the baby teeth to liquids which contain sugar (e.g. sweetened drinking water, juices, formula). The sugary liquids stick around the teeth when the baby rests, and bacteria within the mouth consume the sugars. Acids are produced which consequently harm the teeth.

Your child’s temporary teeth are at an increased risk for decay the minute they first show up, and that is typically when your child is 6 months old. Cavities in toddlers and infants can also be known as “Baby Bottle Tooth Decay” or Early Childhood Caries. Normally the decay is found in the upper front teeth, but some other teeth may very well be afflicted too.

Cavities in children can be minor, average, or severe. In a few severe instances of early childhood caries, quick repair isn’t a possible option any longer. So when a temporary tooth is lost early, there is a possibility that the tooth next to it could shift to the unfilled space. When the time comes for permanent teeth to come in, the teeth become jampacked, and misalignment of teeth happens.

Baby Bottle Tooth Decay needs the correct treatment method from the pediatric dentist Buford GA parents rely on. A skilled dentist outlines a plan for the young child to make certain he or she develops strong, healthy teeth. Healthy gum and teeth enable a kid to obtain adequate nutrition and communicate devoid of speech inhibitions. Although you may believe childhood caries won’t pose dangerous consequences to overall wellness, it is never a bad notion to ask a dental practitioner as to what may be done to keep your kid's teeth disease-free.

Your pediatric dentist in Buford GA will also be your partner to help ingrain an early devotion in your baby’s oral health. Of course, prevention is better than cure. Additionally, you wouldn’t want your kid to endure the utter discomfort of oral cavities in the next several years.

It will help if the dentist office Buford homeowners visit regularly can be found near their houses for quick access, particularly during an urgent situation. Your daughter or son needs a minimum of a twice yearly routine of dental care with his or her dental professional, not only to retain his or her gum and teeth health, but also to instill proper practices in him/her as he gets older. For more resources on Baby Bottle Tooth Decay, go to:

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