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HP Proliant N40l Storage Server

by CindyHoag

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The HP Proliant N40L is the ideal solution for additional storage issues for companies with a multitude of files to organize. This product is an ultra micro tower system designed to securely store extra data from servers. It promises to be the solution for companies seeking ways to streamline their data storage.


Keeping data organized can be challenging and overwhelming without the right tools to assist. The HP Proliant N40L is the tool to get it all done efficiently, maximizing communication and productivity. It is a general purpose storage server that safeguards all of a business’s sensitive information to promote the company’s organization and efficiency.


The HP Proliant functions better than comparable storage servers, according to satisfied customers that reported a product that ran both quieter and cooler. Installation and removal are specially designed to be user-friendly and very easy to accomplish. Additionally, the Hewlett-Packard storage server supports ECC memory – a feature that is difficult to find in a product like this for the price.


This HP Proliant features 2 GB of standard memory as well as 8 GB maximum memory while two expansion slots allow for the addition of even more data. It is designed to run smoothly even while running other processes such as TiVo transfer/recoding, podcatching, and u-torrent client. This product will still have plenty of ample left over even while running real-time firewall/malware gateway software.


With the addition of the PC2100 DDR SDRAM, consumers are able to maximize on their server functionality. With improved performance and responsiveness, this desktop memory model is an extra 1 GB of standard memory that can be used in one of the two featured expansion slots.


The PC2100 DDR SDRAM is completely, 100 percent compatible with all motherboards including but not limited to Mac and PC, making it accessible to virtually everyone. This particular memory model also supports dual channel. The PC2100 DDR SDRAM is a great storage solution for computers that still function well but lack sufficient space for multiple files.


Each of these products provides additional memory storage to further maximize on the devices a company or consumer already owns. The HP Proliant N40L storage server is now available for purchase from the world’s #1 wholesale information technology hardware reseller. This provides excellent value to customers in addition to quality that will not fail to please. Maximize on both and ensure increased efficiency with a purchase from this IT hardware reseller.



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