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Home buying guide by residential conveyancing experts

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Are you a first time property buyer looking for some expert advice on legal matters?

Here is a home buying guide recommended by some of the residential conveyancing experts. The thought of buying property is always accompanied by scary paper and legal work. One has to deal with great difficulty while buying or selling property especially in the UK because of lengthy conveyancing process. Today; the transaction is more convenient and fast, though tedious paper work is still involved. Thanks to the conveyancing system in place which takes care of various legal hurdles encountered in the entire process.

Let’s start with finding a good solicitor who will represent all your legal and administrative transactions. Assuming that you have already decided what kind of property you want to buy; it’s time for the settlement of the cost from both ends. This is your solicitor’s job; he is responsible to send a pre agreement draft to the seller’s solicitor and help reach a settled price. Now its time for you to make your initial payment and start with the legal proceedings. Although your attorney is handling the legalities, keep a check on all your transactions to avoid any miscommunication. Hire conveyancing experts who can provide online services, so that you don’t have to be physically present in all your transactions. Nowadays they are conveniently being carried out on phone or email. Save your time for other important task apart from conveyancing like moving in. Always ask queries related to the property, ownership issues or services which will come along with it, to your solicitor. Make sure to do a prior check of the property to find out any hidden facts; for instance is it mortgage free property or whether any dispute is going on the land to be bought. Our conveyancing experts say that all these issues are verified right in the pre-contractual stage; where the attorney will conduct surveys about the property.

Completion stage has reached when you have successfully signed and exchanged contracts. At this time, you will get your keys and a fixed date to move in from the seller. It’s a crucial stage when you are required to pay the entire entitled amount to the seller. Again, although you might feel delighted about the process being finished wait, there are some important formalities to be done after the purchase. Its time for land registration, stamp duty and transfer of ownership legalities to be done. Congratulations you have successfully completed your conveyancing process with ease. It’s a huge relief for real estate dealers as well as buyers like you; who just hire conveyancing experts or licensed conveyancing firms to do the job and relax literally!

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