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How To Choose The Best Treadmill For Workouts?

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A treadmill is an ideal workout equipment for those who are into cardio workouts. A treadmill can be used everyday indoors, irrespective of the weather, which is one of the greatest advantages. 

Brisk walking on a treadmill is an aerobic form of exercise, and walking for at least 20 minutes every day can work wonders on your body muscles. Using this equipment helps you to tone your quadriceps, calf muscles, hamstrings, hip flexors, abdominals, and gluteal muscles.

There are many types of treadmills available in the market to suit different purposes. Treadmills help to lose weight, become stronger and faster, train for an event, or to just workout. Treadmills are not only used for running, but can also be set up at a lower speed to walk with an incline. Running on a treadmill burns calories faster than other forms of leisurely activities, such as biking, watching TV, or reading books, which also takes away the monotony from your workouts.

However, these machines take up a lot of space. It requires the same space that a single bed would occupy, maybe a metre and a half more. Hence, it is important to know the specifications of your treadmill before you buy one.

The cost of treadmillthat is manual is lower than that of a treadmill that is motorized. However, it can strain your joints since you supply the power to move the belt. Motorized treadmills are more expensive and occupy more space, but offer more options such as incline and heart rate monitors. Not all the treadmills have the variable incline option; so, try and buy a model that has 3 or more levels. The cost of treadmill is an important factor that needs to be considered while you buy a treadmill.

The display on the treadmill is an LCD screen, which gives information such as total kilometers travelled, the time, calories burned, and so on. The console that surrounds the display screen lets you enter the levels and speed required. This helps you to create a target during every work out.

All treadmills have minimum and maximum levels of speed; the levels can be adjusted according to the stamina of each person and the intensity of the workout session. As beginners start out slowly,  the speed can be gradually increased.

Treadmills are an ideal equipment to accomplish targets such as weight loss. The cost of tread mill varies according to the features it offers and also depends on whether it is manual or motorized. Treadmills help you to maintain an exercise routine in the comfort of your home and also the workouts help in strengthening your muscles, while increasing your level of stamina at the same time.

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