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What You Need to Know about Wireless Home Alarm Systems

by fernandoseverns

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Maybe you just moved in to your new house, and, knowing the current state of your neighborhood, you want an effective, yet “barely there”, alarm system. Maybe your house was recently robbed, and it turned out that the burglar was smart enough to cut the wires. Why not try a wireless alarm system?

How are wireless alarm systems installed? You need three things to set up a wireless alarm system: a phone jack, an electrical socket, and a spare room. This alarm system is made of sensors, keypads, and a central control panel. The control panel must be located somewhere not easily accessible, especially by burglars, hence the spare room. To connect the control panel to the rest of the system, it must be plugged into a wall socket and hooked up to a phone.

The sensors can detect sounds, motion, and smoke. Once these sensors are tipped off, a signal is sent to the control panel. The control panel automatically dials a pre-programmed number; it can be the authorities or numbers of people you trust.

Advantages of wireless alarm systems. While the wireless system is more expensive than other types, it’s fairly easy to install it; you don’t need to worry about dangling wires, among others. You also don’t risk damaging the walls with the sensors and keypads. For safety purposes, some varieties allow you to control the lighting inside your home before you even enter.

One brand of alarm system is Honeywell Total Connect. Here, you need to set up an account to connect to your wireless system via mobile devices. Thus, you don’t need to rely on third parties full-time to monitor your home; you can keep an eye on your property through your mobile devices, and alert the proper authorities when you need to.

Is a wireless alarm system for me? If you want real-time updates on your home the way social networking sites provide you real-time updates on your friends, then a wireless system provided by Honeywell TotalConnect may be the right system for you. If you think the safety of your home is an investment, you can give this alarm system a try. If you want an effective alarm system that you can install on your own, wireless alarm systems can do that for you.

You can start with a brand like Honeywell Total Connect to get a feel for a wireless alarm system. Protect your home, one of your most valuable investments, with an equally valuable investment. For more information on wireless alarm systems, read

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