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Altering Your Image


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Body hang-ups taunt every woman. It’s not that we all deliberately look in the mirror and hate a certain area(s). We’d prefer to just look at our reflection and acknowledge that we look good. However, that problem area haunts us. When we try on a dress in a shop, we notice how big our thighs are, when we touch up our lipstick in the work toilets, we see the dark rings around our eyes and the lines developing. How many of you have looked in the mirror and done all you can to accentuate your bust. It is common for woman to be unhappy with their bodies, but there is a rising number in the woman who are unhappy about the size of their bust. Numbers are tripling over the years, with an estimated 26,000 women going under the knife back in 2008. Three years on and women are still unhappy about their breast size. The numbers aren’t exactly clear just how many women have augmentation surgery to enlarge their breasts as some of these figures include reduction and reconstruction. Nevertheless, these operations for enlargement are still taking place in the UK and worldwide. But, why? Self confidence, personal image and media influence all play a part in the way we view our body.


Naturally buxom busty women and cheap busty escorts are blessed with a pert pair that they can happily flaunt. The attraction, it seems is the more sizeable the breasts, the more voluptuous and womanly she appears and feels. However, this misconception that to have a larger pair of knockers makes you a more womanly woman is unreal. A natural larger bosom is more unique in it’s shape, suppleness and softness. The draw of wanting a more substantial chest is having to settle for oddly firm, projectile looking breasts. Implants have a way of making your once natural if not small handful look aggressively perfect and, well, plastic! If you remain under the apprehension that this is the appearance that all men like, then you are very much shrouded in ignorance. It seems that all these women are proliferating the prospect that men like rounded, bountiful perfect looking breasts. However ridiculous, this in part is true. It seems that men do love big fake breasts! Just like a lot of things, they are great to look at, but not to touch. Unlike soft, natural breasts that are great to fondle and kiss, fake is only great when they are admired and lusted after. The image is all good when photographed and discussed, but the actuality is a little less pleasing.


Making yourself up to look like this idolised image of womanhood may seem like a way to please yourself and the many men out there that wouldn’t shy away from looking, is dismaying. Because, you may be finally blessed with the breasts you’ve always wanted, but you are only adding to the fantasy of the groomed and manipulated doll-like woman. This self-mutilation is what many cheap busty escorts go through to become more idealistic and womanly. But this erotic image is just that, an image - an idea. Take a step back from what may be considered right for you and more womanly and adjust your thoughts. They may be good to look at, but how will they make you feel once you’ve had them done. Many women who have had surgery to enhance their figures often feel detached from their new, larger set of breasts. Spend the time and money on realising that your confidence and mind set adjusts your image, and perhaps that is the best and first place to start. The Barbie-like perfection that you adhere to is purely physical and thus masking the real underlying issues that surround the idea that you can buy happiness.


ADAM NORMAN   is a professional writer with experience contributing to editorial pages, online blogs and writing short articles.  He is the author of this article on Busty Escorts. Find more information on Watford Escorts.

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