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The Four C’s of Buying Diamond Engagement Rings

by liyo89

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Shopping for an engagement ring is a very important moment in your life. You want to choose a ring that will not only look great, but you also want to choose a quality ring. If you are making your very first major diamond purchase, you might find yourself inundated with a lot of confusing terms. In order to make an informed decision when choosing your perfect diamond engagement ring, you will need to understand the four C’s of diamonds, and Beverly Diamonds is happy to make these concepts as simple and straightforward as possible.



The first C is for Color. The highest color grade actually means the least amount of color in the diamond. There Gemological Institute of America assigns an alphabetical letter to diamonds to indicate their color rating. The highest rating is D, which is given to the diamonds with absolutely no color. As you move down the alphabet toward Z, the diamonds will contain more color, become less expensive, and less valuable.



The next C is for the Cut of the diamond. This does not simply just mean the shape of the diamond. The cut refers to the way the diamond was cut in order to best reflect light. If a diamond has a good cut, it will reflect light right back to the viewer, giving the diamond a brilliant shine and glimmer. You will find that most Beverly Diamonds reviews rave about the impressive shimmer of the diamond engagement rings.



Clarity is the third C in diamond buying. Clarity refers to the number of flaws in the diamond in the form of air bubbles, scratches, or any other imperfections that would stop you from being able to see clearly through the diamond. These flaws are referred to as inclusions. Beverly Diamond reviews stay so positive because all of the diamonds have clarity ratings that are high enough so that there are no visible inclusions that can be viewed by the naked eye.



The final and often most recognized C stands for Carat. The carat refers to the actual size of the diamond. While some people automatically think that a larger carat size is always better, some people actually prefer a smaller carat engagement ring. If you are shopping for an engagement ring, take a look at the other jewelry that your fiancé likes to wear. Some women prefer flashy big stones, while others prefer a petite diamond or small clusters of diamonds. Now that you understand that terminology that is used, shopping for the perfect diamond engagement ring with Beverly Diamonds should be very pleasant experience for you.



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