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iPhone 4 Battery Case | iPhone 4 Cases | iPhone 4 Charger

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There is clearly only one iPhone 4 battery case that can be considered the "best iPhone 4 battery case" and that is the highest powered iPhone 4 battery case available. At 3200mAh (milliamp hours) the iScore iPhone 4 battery case is an unbeatable deal. Other iPhone 4 battery cases accomplish the same exact purpose with the same level of quality and features but are over priced or offer less power. All other iPhone 4 batterys cases available in stores or online are 2100mAh of power, if your looking to extend the life of your iPhone's battery, why would you buy a lesser powered case? Most come with a recharging usb cable, grippy feel and spaces that are open for all iPhone buttons and functions.

When comparing all iPhone 4 battery cases together a consumer is mainly looking for the highest powered case at the best price. Review the best iPhone 4 battery case here and save your self alot of time and money. Other iPhone 4 battery cases out there is the Mophie® this company offer two different types, one is a power level of 1900mAh thats sells for $79.99 and the other is a 2100mAh $99.99 because there brand name is the most popular they are the most sold but if you do your research you will notice you are being ripped off. Another comparable iPhone 4 battery case is the iPhoneSuit®, this is the same exact product with a different name, they offer their iPhone 4 battery case at $79.95 with a power level of 2100mAh.

To give you an idea of power levels meaning 2100mAh is said to nearly double the iPhone battery life. Now available is the 3200mAh iScore iPhone 4 battery case, tripling the iPhone battery life at a lower price! Same product as the other two battery cases and includes all the same features, its easy to decide which charging case is the best

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iPhone 4 battery case.

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