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How To Get Your Ads Live on Craigslist

by rickpetko9179

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In Craigslist ever expanding war on marketers, things have gotten a lot tougher as most of you know if you’re reading this. You can only post 1 ad per 48 hours according to their TOS. You have to have a Phone Verfiied Account. You have to have geo targeted phones and IP’s. The list is getting longer and longer. If you are looking to craigslist for traffic and sales for your marketing initiatives – it’s time to step your game up. Here’ what you need to know and some options to help you solve your problems with getting your craigslist ads ghosted.



Option 1 - Buy or Create a PVA (Phone Verified Account)



Buy or creat PVA’s orcraigslist phone verified accounts. How do you create a PVA? Well you need a phone number, an email address and a proxy service. To create more than one pva accountsthen you will need multiple of the above. If you want to post lots of ads on CL then you will need multiple accounts.



How do you get another phone number? You can buy them online from phone number resellers such as There are some black hat techniques for getting numbers, but I won’t go into those. Remember that certain buy phone numbers don’t work anymore with craigslist. Don’t use VOIP or virtual phone numbers. Major carrier landlines and cell phone numbers are the best way to go.



Then make sure your email account, phone number and proxy all match up from a Geo IP standpoint. If you don’t know what them means, basically you want the IP that you sign up for your email account and CL account to match the area code of your phone number. You now have a localized PVA. It is smart to just post locally with this PVA. Remember to take it slow and don’t over post or be too aggressive with linking out. Getting your posts flagged is a sure way to get your account under review or possibly banned.



Note that if you buy PVA’s, its cheaper than buying a phone number normally because you don’t actually get the phone number. You get access to an account created with a phone number. But the supplier will have an expiration date on the account, usually from 30 to 90 days. So after that period the account probably won’t work after a re-verification is needed. Also note many PVA sellers will charge for re-verifications after a certain point. That brings us to option #2 which is to buy a phone number.



Option 2 - Buy a phone number instead of a PVA



Buying a phone number is usually a little more expensive than buying a PVA because you get the phone number for a certain period of time. Again, usually sold in 30, 60 or 90 day increments. When you buy a phone number, you create your own PVA and have control of re-verifications. For this reason it can be a better value and less hassle. This will require that you are using proxies to create your accounts, which takes a little more work. But if you do a little research you can find proxies for under $1 per proxy per month. So buying a number takes a little more setup buy it puts you in more control over your account and can be a better value.



Option 3 - Using Craigslist Posting Services



Posting services are nice if you are busy and/or just don’t know what you’re doing. Many services only charge per live ad. This can make for a great ROI and take a lot of work and know-how off your plate. Some things to be aware of are that you will not get a refund for flagged posts. They will usually replace ghosted ads, but if you violate the terms of service then they won’t replace the ad. The other issue is finding a quality poster that is using good phone numbers, proxies and emails. Most are overseas and some will just take your money. Search the forums and shop around to find the best deal for posting. Anything too cheap and you’re looking for trouble. If you think about all the steps mentioned about to get an ad live, if someone is offering below $2.00 or $2.50 to post a live ad, then you’re probably getting what you paid for, so to speak.




Other Advice:


  1. Test – The best way to figure out whats going on is to test. If your ads are getting ghosted then you are doing something suspicious in craigslist eyes.

  2. Content - Check your content to make sure its not duplicate and its original from titles to content

  3. Careful with linking – linking can be a flag for CL. If you’re getting ghosted, try your ad without a link and just add your URL with spaces. Also, try URL shortners, cloaking and redirects to hide your web address. I won’t elaborate on those here, but definitely worth researching.

  4. Image ads - You can also try image ads and put your URl in there.

  5. Proxies – Try a different proxy service if you are getting ghosted after trying the above steps. It could be a flagged IP service.

  6. Phone Numbers – try a different phone number if the above aren’t work



As always you have to versatile as this is a moving battlefield and nothing is static. Just like Google, Craigslist marketingis constantly updating their filter algorithms and fighting to keep marketers out. But they can only do so much without alienating their base. The bottom line is that more you look like you are the average joe poster and not a marketer, the better of you are.



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