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Akoya Pearl that match your skin tone

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Pearls are the most beautiful and unique gemstone because they are made of organic material. Pearls come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and sizes and therefore, the possibilities of designing
magnificent pieces with these treasures is endless. Each type of pearl offers a different look to every design and can be complemented using different types of precious metals and other gemstones..

One great thing about pearl jewelry is that you can find the perfect pearl that will match your skin tone, and in turn make your pearl pop. Some of the pearls grown around the world include: Freshwater, saltwater or Akoya pearls, Tahitian, and South Sea pearls. One of the most distinctive types of pearl is Akoya pearls. These pearls have specific characteristics that make them popular. Perhaps the most defining attribute of Akoya pearls is their shape.

Akoya pearls are nucleated using a perfectly round glass or ceramic bead; this ensures that the pearls shape will be seamlessly circular. Other pearls come in shapes other than round; however this is never the case with Akoya pearls. Another feature that these pearls are well-known for is their size. These pearls are smaller than most other types of pearls and generally come in the largest size of 9
millimeters. Average sizes for these pearls are 6-8 millimeters.

While other types of pearls come in different colors, Akoya pearls are produced in white, however they can be enhanced to other shades. The most common colors Akoya pearls come in are black and other shades of dark colors such as blue and purple. Akoya pearls have even been know to be an Emerald green color at times but this is rare. Akoya pearls are the perfect pearls..

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