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The Golden Rules of Mobile Marketing

by anonymous

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With the contemporary economic climate how it is, a section of the budget that appears to be tightening is the money allocated to marketing. With the higher ups no longer satisfied with pouring capital into numerous different forms of advertising without tangible returns, marketers need to seek out a form of advertising with measurable returns. The solution to this is incorporating a mobile marketing portion into a traditional campaign.


Mobile marketing provides instant, up to date measurements for marketers, from which they can gauge the success levels of their campaigns. With this in mind, let’s look at some of the golden rules for running a successful mobile marketing campaign:


Define the metrics that are going to be measured – What empirical data will be used to quantify the success rate of the campaign? Some examples could include: Increased profits, customer acquisitions, customer brand awareness or data collection.


Define the upfront and ongoing costs of the SMS campaign – By defining startup capital and continuing costs of running the promotion, the right style of campaign as well as the length of it can be worked out early.


Review the cost of SMS marketing compared with alternative advertising ventures- Compare the results and the costs to more traditional forms of marketing. Calculate the return you’re receiving on your investment in terms of the pre-defined metric to determine whether the campaign was successful.


A carefully planned mobile marketing campaign can save money in areas where advertising is not cost effective and in turn, inject capital into forms of marketing that are producing the best results.

A New Zealand company advertising “Children’s Day” was able to see which form of advertising was most effective, by incorporating a measurable mobile component into their campaign and then staggering the different forms of advertising to see which generated the highest response. The results were overwhelming, with newspaper advertising receiving by far the biggest response compared to radio advertising, all of which was able to be measured thanks to the mobile portion of the campaign.



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