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The USMLE K.O. Review Program offers the smallest class sizes available anywhere! The course is restricted to about 10-15 people per class, unlike the other programs that fill classes with 100-150 people.

By keeping the class size small, we are able to work with each exam candidate individually and provide guidance and tutorials until the person actually takes the USMLE exam. Unlike the other programs where you are handed vast amount of information to struggle with on your own, we work with you until you get to take your exam.

There is a certain "peak" that has to be reached before one can be ready for the exam; taking the exam prematurely carries danger of failing it by a couple of points, while, at the other extreme, studying for too long carries the danger of forgetting the essential details and thereby risking failing. This is why we keep our class small and guide each person until he/she is ready for the exam. We help determine when the "peak" has been reached.

Our instructors thereby serve as "brakes" on each student's preparation, releasing the exam candidate to proceed when ready, or urging them to postpone their exam when the telltale signs of un-readiness (i.e., poor recall, low retention, low question bank scores, etc.) are evident. So, each individual gets a custom-made review, tutorial and preparation after the course which takes into consideration each individual's background and weaknesses. It is like having your own tutor working around the clock to meet your needs at all times.

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