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Stair Newels for Beauty and Beyond

by anonymous

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Speak of stair newels and you are likely to be reminded of grand
stairways, spiraling through large halls in gigantic Victorian mansions.
Yes, it is true that stair newels are usually associated with larger
stairways with more elaborate designs. They are somewhat of a rarity in
conventional stairways and are rarely seen in modern homes. Yet, some
modern stair remodelers have made striking use of stair newels in modern
stairways, something that has in no way affected the contemporary look
of the stairways but instead, has bolstered it.

One of the most important guiding principles of buying stair parts
is that they should not only be aesthetically pleasing, but also
functionally pertinent. In other words, new stair parts should be
installed not just for the sake of making your stairway look more
beautiful and attractive, but they should also have a definite purpose,
such as adding strength to the balusters or making the staircase safer
to use.

Stair newels, in case you didn’t know, serve both these
functions. They, no doubt, add a great degree of beauty and elegance to
any staircase, but also help you to make it stronger and safer to use
by acting as critical support structures for the railings.
If you are planning to buy stair newels,
you are likely to encounter a similar range of choices. They are
available in a wide range of designs and colors and finishes. There are
customization possibilities too, which means that you can the newels
built according to your very own designs. Given such a wide variety of
options, how does one pick the right stair newels? Let’s try and make
things a little simpler.

One of the primary things to remember
while buying stair newels is the fact that they are available in two
basic kinds – hollow and solid. Hollow newels are usually rectangular
in shape and hence, are often called as box newels. Solid newels, on
the other hand, usually have a more rounded appearance. You can choose
to select either kind of stair newels based on what appeals to you more
and how you intend your staircase to look like.
In the end, stair
newels, almost always, lend a grand and rich touch to the overall
appearance of a staircase. They are an excellent means for making any
plain staircase look more elegant and impressive. But apart from
aesthetics, stair newels also have a very distinct function. Place the
newels at regular intervals to not just make the stairway look more
beautiful, but also to make the railings more stable and stronger.

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