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Breast Augmentation Prices

by haparnumela

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The cost of breast augmentation genuinely depends upon five things

Cost of Surgery:-
Breast augmentation prices range from € 2330 - €3145.You have to also pay extra cost for the consultation session in which doctor can decide whether you are prepared physically and mentally for breast augmentation or not.

Surgeon fees:-
An experienced, highly educated and licensed surgeon should be considered for breast augmentation. Various surgeons perform breast augmentation and their fees are according to their skill and experience. The fees of surgeon depend upon which surgery you need. Be sure that he is board
certified and have excellent career in breast augmentation surgery. Investigate how much successful breast augmentation he or she has done. After that go for it.

Implant Prices:-
There are two types of breast implants. One is saline implant and another one is silicon implant. The implants are done according to patient needs and it can be customized in future. The implants life span is around 10 to 15 years which will be checked by your surgeon in the case of suspicious leakage and damage to implants.

Anesthesia Cost:-
Anesthesia cost depends upon how much anesthesia you need during surgery and which type of anesthesia is provided. Anesthesia is a tranquillizer which is mostly used by doctors during surgery to remain awake patients during operation and to give relief from pain.

Quality of Breast Augmentation:-
It is not a wise decision to go for a doctor who has done breast augmentation at lower price. Quality is always important. Although you may go for it, if you have financial problem. Many people prefer to go overseas countries to do breast augmentation or body contouring at lower cost. But my suggestion would be, be sure about all the information i.e. about doctor, facility, fees and compare it with others and then go to other countries.

Cost of breast augmentation may vary from place to place. I am giving here a basic
cost of breast augmentation

BREAST SURGERY                                                                         COST

Breast augmentation (price includes breast implants)                       € 2330 - € 3145

Breast lift(Mastopexy)                                                                  € 1900 - € 2640

Breast augmentation + breast lift (price includes breast implants) € 3050 - € 4190

Breast reduction (Reduction mammoplasty)                                     € 2200 - € 3000

Breast reconstruction using implants or analogous tissue(after oncological diseases)                                      € 2900 - € 4560

Breast correction transfering fat                                                    € 1750 - € 2820

Breast nipples correction                                                              € 290 - € 530

Male breast reduction (Gynecomastia)                                             € 1500 - € 2460

To know more about this click on breastaugmentation prices and body contouring.

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