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Jay Sekulow: Imparting Lawful Vision to Society

by jaysekulow

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Who has the courage and faith to stand and compete against “wrong?” Jay Sekulow does, as a counselor, an advocate, scholar and a respected citizen he strongly believes that “no one is above the law.” Thus he lawfully defends the religious liberties and constitutional freedom for people around the globe. He along with the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), work for religious freedoms.


He is an ocean of knowledge and imparts the same to society through different mediums. He grooms law students and polishes their talent so as to make them the next generation defenders of religion and humanity.  His work has no boundaries; consequently, he founded the European Centre for Law and Justice (ECLJ) in Strasbourg, Slavic Centre of Law and Justice (SCLJ) in Moscow, East African Centre for Law and Justice in Kenya, African Centre for Law and Justice in Zimbabwe, International affiliates of the ACLJ to advocate human rights and religious liberties on an international front.


Many renowned magazines and newspaper have credited him with many awards and recognitions for his distinguished and remarkable efforts and work towards society. His various victories in different cases continue to have significant position for the pro-life movement and for the free speech rights of all Americans. His continuous contribution towards education via written and oral mediums is of paramount importance.


Mr. Sekulow’s past record of 25 glorious years has many landmarks and established victories. With his arguments, he has secured rights like:


  • Right of religious groups to pass out Bibles in airports
  • Right of students to form Bible clubs and prayer groups on public school campuses
  • Right of churches to have equal access to public facilities
  • Free speech rights of pro-life advocates to be free from criminal prosecution for conveying their pro-life message
  • Right of young people to engage in the political process by donating to the campaign of their choice
  • Right to the governments to be able to display Ten Commandments and monuments in public parks


Jay Sekulow is a lawyer who has devoted most of his life towards securing rights for the religious in the world.

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