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You can see people from all walks of life

by steve446

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King’s Cross used to have a reputation for being a red-light district but after a massive redevelopment and is now one of the most the most expensive areas in London to live in. Kings Cross is part of two boroughs of London; the London Borough of Camden and the London Borough of Islington. With Russell Square being just around the corner, the area is home to a myriad of wealthy residents.

Most people when they hear ‘Kings Cross’ immediately think of the train station and with good reason. Kings Cross/St Pancras are extremely busy stations with national and international services.  St Pancras Station is one of the most exquisite and awe-inspiring pieces of architecture in London. The ceiling is a giant blue glass dome letting in an enormous amount of light.The only trouble with this is everyone is so busy looking up at the ceiling that they forget to look where they are walking and accidents happen! For people waiting for their train, St Pancras has many places to eat, drink and shop whilst waiting.

Walking into Kings Cross Station and it’s sister station St Pancras International, you can see people from all walks of life, all possible ethnicities and age’s. St Pancras is now famous for being a terminus of the Eurostar rail service and for running train services around the country. The national stations trains from St Pancras travel to and from include Nottingham, Sheffield, Derby, Leeds and Leicester making which many businesspeople travelling on business use to their advantage.  The Eurostar service calls at Paris and Brussels, frequently stopping at Ashford, Calais and Lille amongst others. People are more and more frequently using the Eurostar as an alternative to flying from an airport. As you can imagine, the Eurostar is highly popular with aerophobia! If you are travelling back to King’s Cross/St Pancras from Europe, you can hire the company of a King’s Cross escort who can meet you when you arrive and travel home or to your hotel with you and make you feel like very kingly!

The Kings Cross area has a variety of hotels to suit all budgets. The low-key Northumberland Kings Cross Hotel offer inexpensive rooms, perfect if you just need somewhere cheap to stay for one night. The exclusive Chancery Court Hotel is a hub of luxury and glamour. Whilst very different in price, these hotels are ideal places to meet with an escort in King’s Cross, offering privacy and your very own room to use to your desire.


Steve Waugh is a writer with experience in magazine columns, short articles and editing. He is the author of this article on King Cross Escort. Find more information on London Escorts here.



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