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Getting Started on SUP

by corebansup

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Move aside football, tennis, and volleyball! For here comes a sport that is sure to give you the ultimate adrenaline rush…paddle boarding! For the uninitiated, stand up paddle boarding, or SUP is a sport where the participant paddles while standing on an oversized board called paddle board. You can choose to do this on oceans, rivers, and lakes. The sport seems fun and easy, but provides a full body workout, and hence a favorite activity for skiers and snowboarders.

Getting started on SUP is easy- all that you need, is a stand up paddle board, a paddle, a personal flotation device, and proper clothing. To make sure that you start well, here are a few tips that you ought to ensure when buying these equipments.

Stand up Paddleboards : Needless to say, this is the most important equipment in the sport. While shorter boards are easy to carry, the longer ones give you a better glide-on for strokes. Choose the turf that you are most likely to use this, and of course, also think about practical problems such as storage. For instance, if you choose to paddleboard in the ocean, a long board is the best bet, as it allows gliding further and is great for covering long distances. A shorter board on the other hand, is easier to store.

Paddle : It is a known fact that paddles should be about 6” to 8” taller than you, thus allowing for better efficiency.

PDF or a Personal Flotation Device: If you are in the US, the Coast Guard requires that you wear a PDF for protection.

Clothing : When paddle boarding on cold waters, a wet or dry suit is apt, but for milder climates, normal clothing including shorts in enough.

Once you’ve got your equipments ready, the next step is to get started on SUP.

For those learning the sport, ideal conditions are those where the water is calm, and free of obstacles. And rather than standing upright, you can try and kneel on the board. And if you are planning to stand up, make sure that you place the board in the water and try to find balance in the middle of the board. And to be able to stand stable, you can place your feet facing forward and the shoulder width apart.

As earlier said, find a balance in the middle of the board, for if you stand forward, the tip will sink in, causing the board to capsize. And if you stand far too behind, the tail is likely to sink. You can shift your weight only by moving your hips.

Paddle boarding is indeed fun for those who would love some adrenaline rush, but prefer something simpler than kayaking or canoeing. Buying the equipments is also easy as well. There are hundreds of websites that sell boards, paddles and the complete paddle boarding gear.

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