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Recovering Data From Logically Corrupted ATA Hard

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ATA (Advanced Technology Attachment) hard drives are one of the most commonly used storage media in almost all computer systems. However, like any other hard drive, these hard drives are also prone to logical damages. Once the hard drive is damaged, it may or may not be recognized by BIOS (Basic Input Output System). In case, the hard drive remains unrecognized, the operating system installed on the hard drive becomes unbootable and all the data saved on it becomes inaccessible.

To overcome such hard drive damage situations and access the hard drive data, the user needs to format the ATA hard drive and restore the data from an updated backup. However, in the absence of an updated backup or backup failing to meet the user's expectations, then the user needs to opt for an effective third-party Hard Drive Recovery Software to recover data.

To elaborate the above case, consider a practical situation wherein you encounter any of the below error messages while trying to boot your system (with ATA hard drive):



“Windows could not start”

The moment any of the above error messages flash on your screen, the data saved in the hard drive becomes inaccessible.


The above error messages appear when the boot.ini file saved on the ATA hard drive gets damaged. Few main causes for this file corruption can be virus attack, file system corruption, operating system malfunction, and improper system shutdown.


To get over the above error message and to access the data saved in the ATA hard drive, you will need to follow the below mentioned steps:

Rebuild boot.ini file using Bootcfg.exe utility.

However, if the above problem persists after rebuilding boot.ini file or you are unable to rebuild the file, then you will need to format the hard drive and restore the data from a valid and complete backup.

Though formatting the ATA hard drive resolves the above error messages, and makes the system bootable, it also makes the previously-saved hard drive files inaccessible. To overcome such data loss issues, you will need to opt for an effective Hard Drive Recovery utility. Such Hard Drive Recovery applications use advanced, yet safe recovery mechanisms to recover all lost and formatted data.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is an easy-to-use Hard Drive Recovery Software that recoup all lost data not only from ATA hard drive, but also from other hard drives as well. Designed for Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003, and 2000, the utility supports NTFS, NTFS5, FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, and VFAT file systems.

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