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The best of agricultural machinery

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The various types of agricultural machinery required in a commercial farm can be classified in terms of the actual usage of the implements. The most basic among the machinery is of course the provider of the power for all the accessories and implements, the tractor. The tractor itself is available in several varieties and the farmer can pick those that meet his need the best.

There are implements required for soil cultivation such as the harrow available in several categories, plough, the rotary tiller, subsoiler, and rock picker among several others. The task of aeration itself is huge and one needs several kinds of aerators. Some of these could be for the removal of weeds while others could be for preparing the soil for seeding. The most basic aerators are those required just to make the soil acceptable for cultivation. These serve to change the quality of the soil physically, biologically and chemically. The farmer will need tools for planting the seeds and for spreading the fertilizer and chemicals for pest control. Depending on the type of irrigation, various implements will be required and of course machinery is needed for making hay, harvesting, and loading and transportation purposes.

When you are installing a landscaping turf, make sure you have enough equipment to manage water well. This activity includes the creation of pathways within the soil so that the air-water mix can move effortlessly and reach the plant roots. The sustained infiltration and percolation of the mix needs tines that have been specifically designed for the purpose. These systems need to be fast and effective besides being low in cost and versatile. There are excellent tines available in the market. These have series of angles and offsets that can break compacted layers deeper than 7”. The subsequent usage of specific tines for fairways/tees and those for the greens and approaches maintains the turf in the best condition for play.

Finally, tillage is the preparation of the soil by different means such as digging, stirring and overturning. Tillage equipment may be primary or secondary depending upon the depth of operation. Various tillage equipments include disc harrow, seedbed cultivator, subsoiler, weeder harrow, meadow aerator, chisel plow, field cultivators and many others.

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