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Solar installation is the need of the hour

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The solar installation is the need of the hour. With the cost of petroleum products going through the roof and the specter of global warming hovering over us like a pall of doom, alternative energy sources have to be pressed in quickly. The major alternative energy sources are solar energy, nuclear energy and geothermal energy. Of these, only solar energy has been found to be a practical solution since the recent tsunami and earthquake crisis in Japan brought nuclear energy in disfavor. Geothermal energy, on the other hand, is not a viable solution as yet. However, it is solar energy that can reduce your electricity costs totally. Solar energy products such as for heating or cooling and for cooking and distillation are all practically proven and viable.

A solar installation adds to the value of your home or building without causing an increment in property taxes. It also pays for itself in just a few years. Investing in solar energy products means that you are environmentally responsible global citizen aware of the carbon footprint. Solar energy is non-polluting in nature and the current state and federal incentives can save you up to 80% of system cost. The solar installation is a proven technology and its panels are backed by a 25 year warranty.

A solar installation is based on the photovoltaic principle of energy conversion. The panels are built of solar cells or photovoltaic cells that are semiconductors. These cells convert sunlight into DC electricity that is used for charging accumulator banks. The output from these batteries is converted into AC. This form of electrical energy can be used for all purposes both domestic and commercial. This source can be connected to the utility grid. As a homeowner you can avail of net metering facility. This allows you to feed any surplus electricity that your home produces to offset the electric bill since the extra energy is fed into the utility grid. The meter can therefore run backwards! There are professional solar companies that manufacture solar energy products encompassing space cooling or heating with the use of solar architecture in addition to disinfection and other domestic as well as industrial purposes.

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