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Giclee Printing Solutions for Your Home

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One of the most popular printing methods in use today is what is known as giclee printing. Printing technology is continually evolving. Gone are the days of crude reproductions or boring grayscale images. Today, prints come in rich vibrant colors and look not a bit less exciting than the originals they are based on. In-fact they often look a lot better than the originals, thanks to ingenious digital enhancements made during the printing process.

Giclee printing is the perfect example to show the amazing capabilities of modern day printing. Be it in the level of detail achieved or in the richness of colors or in their accuracy of reproduction, giclee prints represent the pinnacle of achievement in high quality art printing.

A striking new application of the giclee technology is to be found in giclee on canvas prints. As the name itself suggests, it involves creating beautiful giclee prints on the canvas medium. Giclee on canvas prints are an exciting novelty in many ways. First, there is the thrill of blowing up your favorite photo to a large size and getting it printed for proudly displaying on the walls. Secondly, there is a lot of ingenuity in the use of canvas as the medium to be printed on. Unlike conventional paper-based prints, canvas prints last a lot more and is extremely durable and posses resistance from wear and tear. Moreover, canvas lends a very distinctive look and feel to the finished print.

No matter where you plan to have them displayed – in your living room or on your office walls or in your portico – you are sure to turn a few heads and draw a few nods of appreciation. Giclee on canvas prints are available these days in a wide range of framing options. Most printers will provide you with plenty of choices in how you wish to have your canvas prints delivered to you. You can either choose to have them delivered rolled or have them stretched and framed.

So go ahead and unleash some giclee printing magic on your walls. Watch your interiors come alive in a whole new way.

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