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Aeration is Critical for Ensuring Better Yield

by Editor123

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One of the daily problems that a farmer has is the problem of aeration that is a regular necessity for the productivity of your turf, lawn or your commercial farm. There is no getting away from aeration because you need to get air down to the roots of whatever plants you are nurturing. Air is essential to all forms of microbial activity and, therefore, for the health and good growth of your turf grass. An efficient aerator is, therefore, an absolute necessity for your productive and healthy turf. The aerator has to do several tasks just in order to ensure that it achieves aeration satisfactorily. The aerator’s function is to overcome the perennial problem of compaction. Compaction of soil hardens it and reduces its porosity. Roots cannot grow satisfactorily since the soil is baked hard and will not permit the access of air and water. The most efficient of aerators will reduce compaction and increase the porosity of the soil so that the air water mixture can now reach the roots.

The aerway family of aeration machines has been found to be very efficient because of the excellence in the design of the various aerators depending on the task for which these are being used. Management of the turf has been reduced to one of water management mainly. Since water movement is dependent on soil infiltration, the aerator has to overcome the soil’s resistance and finally establish proper fissures so that infiltration routes are created. The Aerway’s Shattertine uses a very well designed set of angles and offsets that can break down the compaction layers deep down into the soil up to 7”and even more. This establishes a good percolation rate and also reconstructs the natural capillary action of soil. The air-water mix can therefore go down into the soil effectively. The soil volume would also increase to allow the growth of roots.

The maintenance of infiltration rate is ensured by one or the other aerator on your turf. This could be the Aerway Sportstine for fairways/tees/playing fields and fine tines for greens and approaches besides the Super Finetine for thatch management and the Coring Tine as well.

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