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Qualities and Features of a Ceramic Ring

by anonymous

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Rings made of ceramic are a very latest trend. For those who are still not aware of these rings, they are made by heating a combination of pure powdered ceramic with zirconium over 6000 degrees. This gives a hot molten liquid, which is shaped, designed and cut into rings which are extremely strong and lustrous.

The popularity of ceramic ring is challenging the leading wedding rings and bands in the market, like gold, silver and platinum. There are a lot of qualities and features of this ring that is gradually making it a leading name among others.

Ceramic ring is very strong and durable. It is in fact stronger than titanium and lasts a life time. They do not chip or break at all. If you are into manual work like construction or automobile engineering and need to do a lot of physical labor daily, then this is surely the ring for you.

Unlike other metals this will never fade or lose its shine. That is a great quality for wedding rings because people generally have a lot of sentiments attached with their wedding bands and would hate to replace them because they have faded.

Since you have to wear your wedding band all the time, chose a ceramic ring because it is lighter than a tungsten ring.

Rings made of ceramic not only remain strong and lustrous but they are also scratch resistant. Almost every wedding band, especially the very expensive gold and platinum bands get a lot of scratches over the years. Rings are bound to get scratches since there is so much that they go through every day. While doing house hold works like cooking, laundry, dusting, gardening etc or while playing with your kids the wedding band could easily get scratches. Not a ceramic ring though.

Many people are unable to wear a ring because they are allergic to metals. But now they can wear their wedding rings without worrying about any allergy because ceramic wedding rings are completely hypoallergenic in nature and does not cause any irritation when in contact with human skin. This is applicable to people who have a very sensitive and allergy prone skin as well.

Young and adventurous couples will love this type of rings because they are available in a variety of colors and designs. You will find ceramic wedding bands in gold, white, black, pink and shades of blue. They look very contemporary and are great for couples who are looking for something non-traditional and very unique. Also watch out for the different patterns and designs that are available on these rings, they are sure to make a style statement for you. Before you visit a store to buy your ceramic wedding ring check out all the designs and styles that are available online so that you have a better idea about these rings.

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