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Problem Of Low Amount Of Semen During Ejaculation

by paytonpolking

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Ejaculation refers to ejection of semen from the male penis following orgasm. It usually culminates the sexual process which starts with sexual arousal, and proceeds with erection and penetration. Ejaculation usually makes the penis flaccid. Ejaculation may be the result of not only penetrative sex but also due to outer course, and self arousals like masturbation. Ejaculation during sleep is called wet dreams or nightfall. It is ejaculation which maximizes pleasure during a sexual intercourse or outer course. It is the climax of the sexual process. The volume of semen on ejaculation plays a significant role in providing pleasure. Hence, the large the volume of semen the more is the pleasure of sex derived. If the volume of semen ejaculated is significantly small, one should take note of it, and try to get the condition reversed.

The amount of semen ejected varies from man to man, and according to age. Older people are likely to ejaculate less amount of semen. Normally semen ejaculated weighs around 3 to 5 ml. It depends upon the time that has elapsed since last ejaculation. Larger volume is found in case of longer abstinence. The duration and intensity of stimulation can affect the volume of semen ejaculated. Abnormally low volume of semen is referred as hypospermia which can be improved.

Remaining hydrated, enhancing production of testosterone, and abstinence may improve the volume of semen naturally. Other physiological steps are healthy diet, exercises, and lifestyle changes. There are numerous pills and capsules available claiming to increase volume of semen, but Spermac capsule and Vital M40 capsule are the best herbal treatment for this disorder. Both these capsules are herbal products containing natural herbs as their constituents. Hence, it is safe to take these capsules as these have no side effects. The use of these capsules leads to enhanced blood circulation in the male genitals, and enhanced immunity of the body. These effectively enhance secretion of testosterone, and strengthen body muscles including the pelvic muscles. The herbs used to prepare them have medicinal values, and provide amazing results so far as volume of semen on ejaculation is concerned. They cure this disorder for ever as they act on the root cause of the problem.

They provide effective and long lasting results. One can safely use these capsules for long periods, and have amazing outcomes. Each capsule two in number twice daily for three to four months can work wonder in increasing semen volume.

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