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Gearing Up For Your First Project as a Home Stager

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If you have always felt that you can take your talent and passion for redecorating a home to a whole new level, then home staging is the best platform for you to exploit your talent. It will not only help you use your inbuilt creativity and earn praise, but earn good money as well. Home staging is totally different from interior decorating, as the foremost purpose of home staging is to give the house or property a complete makeover to woo the hearts of the buyers. This will help your clients get more money for their house than they had actually expected and you can end up getting a bonus, along with your regular fee.


There are some simple yet critical things that you must keep in mind as a home stager. First of all, before doing anything to your client’s property make it clutter free. Remove the things, like rotten carpets, broken furniture, faulty appliances, etc. from the house. If you plan to add some new stuff to the interiors then make sure you make space for that by removing unwanted stuff from the house. A good home stager always uses minimal furnishing, as it makes the house look more spacious. A great idea is to place the furniture in a sensible and creative manner at a distance from each other to give a spacious look to the house.


Next on the list is painting the house to make is look stunning. A great idea is to use contrast shades or bold colors that perfectly reflect the beauty of the furniture. If you want to stick to neutral shades then pick up sea greens, pinks, blues instead of the typical creams and whites. However, if the place is small and has an open kitchen then consider using the same shade for the entire room, as this would make the area look bigger to the buyer. You can place vases, paintings, mirror with carved frames and antique showpieces to captivate the eye of the buyers. In a nutshell, the end result should be a pleasant looking and comfortable place where you would like to spend time with your loved ones. Do not forget to use curtains complementing the furniture and color of the walls.


The significance of lighting cannot be missed as the real beauty of furniture, walls, paintings, etc. comes to life with perfect lighting. Use 100 watt lights at a distance of nearly 50 feet. You can use chandeliers, lamps of unique shapes, etc. to give a royal look to the property. If the property has a store room, then use your creativity and turn it into a useful corner for the buyer. You can turn it into a yoga room by installing rubber flooring and curtains, or may be a little study room with a medium sized table, a lamp and if possible, you can add shelves to keep books, etc. These simple tips can lead to unbelievable results and will prove beneficial for all your home staging projects. For more details on  Construction Services Mohali or on  Construction Company Mohali contact us


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