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How to find super ATO held?

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Usually, each Australian has approximately three super accounts. It is common for people to build up several accounts since they change jobs, with a lot of people failing to consolidate them along the way.

There are approximately more than a million lost super accounts in the ATO records. Not all of these will be entitled for transfer as a number of it might be receiving contributions and a few will be reunited with their holders

What does it indicate?

Lost superannuation are owned by people who made some changes in their address, name or work and cannot be determined by their fund. The latest variations afforded to the ATO signify:


Your cash will be moved to the taxation office by the closing stages of May, if you have lost superannuation with less two thousand dollars in them. There is no proper opt-out. To opt-out you have to get in touch with every of your fund. You can be categorized as lost if your earlier company provided a super fund your incorrect address. Receiving your reimbursement from the tax office involves lots of time. You will be unable to find any cover provisions you have with your fund.


You will only be expected to get interest on the money the ATO holds on your behalf from 1 July, and it's just at the rate of CPI, therefore you'll be deprived of your superannuation fund's returns more than CPI.

How to find my super with ATO?

Unclaimed super is at the time when member meets eligibility prerequisites to extract it; however the super fund cannot make contact with them. Members will be unable to find insurance provisions once their fund shifts their account balance to the ATO, although they will not have to shell out any charges once they move across.


If you've ever changed your name, address or work, in that case you might have some lost super and be listed on lost members record. ATO might moreover be holding, on your behalf, sum compensated to them by companies, super funds or the government. To find lost super, make use of ATO's free of charge online search tool Super Seeker.


You are able to come across any lost super reported to the tax office and any super, the ATO holds on your behalf and move your lost super to the account you wish to. Also, if you want to do any superannuation planning, consult various companies which help you to apply for superannuation


Find super helps you locate your lost super funds in Australia, comprising lost super with ato. The company saves you from the exertion of finding and consolidating your unclaimed or lost super. The company moreover offers superannuation help and free advice and guarantees you of the latest information, in this regard.


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