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Are you seeking a Los Angeles personal injury attorney?

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If you were injured there are many reasons you need to retain a lawyer as soon as physically possible. But you must avoid catastrophe and not simply retain the first lawyer you see on a TV commercial, or on the back of a bus. You must find the best attorneys.


Using this below checklist will help you find a serious and compassionate Los Angeles personal injury lawyer to get you the representation you need for your civil case.


1.      Maximize Your Settlement; our personal injuries lawyers aggressively work up your claims to get you the best settlement, and we do it with haste. We are quality Los Angeles personal injury attorneys.


2.      We Have Vast Experience With Insurance Companies; Our Attorneys are accustomed with negotiating with insurance companies and we won’t be fooled by a crafty insurance adjustor who is highly trained at devaluing insurance claims to force an unfair settlement. Makkabi Law fights to squeeze every penny for you.


3.      No Recovery No Fee - If You Don't Get a Settlement or Verdict; Our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys are paid on a contingent fee basis. Basically, no recovery, no fee to us. This is true, even though you are liable for basic expenses by law, you don’t pay us a fee unless we recover. That is what the law requires Obviously, you need a good attorney, because no matter what, you need to pay your doctors and experts who helped you in recovering from your injury. Sometimes these bills may be paid by other sources, but they usually must be paid out of a settlement or verdict.


4.      Paperwork/Motions; Our experienced personal injury lawyers have vast experience are litigators and we know how to do the motions and legal paperwork courts and insurance companies want to see in your civil and insurance claims cases. This means you can focus on healing and recovery and let us hit a home run for you. Personal injury statutes happen to be one of the most heavily regulated in California.  If you have been a victim of a personal injury while in California, you can get legal support from Los Angeles personal injury attorney David F. Makkabi who has years of experience to give you the compensation you deserve. 


5.      Private Investigators; Our experienced personal injury attorneys retain investigators when necessary, who will dig deeper into the backgrounds of the wrongdoers and even preserve valuable evidence to protect your case.


6.      Objective Separation; It is easy to get emotional and want to lash out at the insurance company and the one who injured you. Makkabi Law has years of legal training in being objective, so choices wont be made that are regrettable and rash with respect to your injury claims. Sometimes you may be so emotional, you just want to surrender and take whatever the insurance company offers you, which is never really fair unless you had retained an objective lawyer.


7.      A Coalition of Personal Big Case Experts; Our highly intelligent personal injury attorney will use his network of other Los Angeles personal injury lawyers, in order to get you the legal help needed to attack your opposition effectively.


8.      Qualified Case Value Evaluators; Makkabi Law personal injury attorneys have vast training and experience in valuating cases like yours. We can put an estimated value on your case. This makes us more effective when negotiating ADR. This can also give you an idea whether or not you should pursue the claim at all.


If you have questions about a serious personal injury claim contact Makkabi Law at 1-310-887-8000.

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