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Negative Ion Wrist Bands and Bracelets

by Stephenbis

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Negative ion wristbands are the bands infused with the negative ions in silicone or stainless steel. Negative ions are the atoms which have excess of electrons and create the electric field. There are ions in the body, both positive and negative. The negative ions attract some and repel some, based on the opposites attract principle. This initiates tissue activities thus stimulating tissue regeneration. And It also increases blood flow, reduces stiffness and pain. Tourmaline is an active ingredient in the negative ion wristbands that amplifies the negative ion effect. Tourmaline is a rare element. Getting a negative ion wristband or a negative ion bracelet is a significant step towards good health.

Why get a negative ion wristband?

One must have heard how harmful radiation from cell phones, computers and wireless devices are. The television, cell phone and wireless router, all emit positive ions. But the negative ion wristbands or negative ion bracelets can give you significant protection from those harmful radiations, and even improve bodily functions. A lot of people have used it, and it is seen that they are dealing a lot better with sleeping disorders, depression and fighting off allergies. They can help you focus more, and over time, they can help open newer and better opportunities in life. These wristbands pump you up with positivity and increase your enthusiasm levels.

Purchasing a negative ion wristband

Many online sites sell negative ion wristbands . You have to know that what amount of negative ion is right for you. There is specific number of negative ions infused per cubic millimeter of the band. Prices vary from as low as fifteen dollars to almost a hundred and fifty dollars. They vary in negative ion density and quality. The negative ion wristband give the same effect as paddling in the sea, getting a long shower, sitting by the waterfall or going out in a thunderstorm. All these refreshing activities usually surround you with negative ions. So, getting a negative ion wristband is a great way to stay free of modern illnesses.

Ion bracelets are the hot selling products in the industry, with many companies entering in the business since the past decade, thereby garnering million dollars in profits. The Thousands of humans across this world do wear these and talk of how effective they are. But there have been doctors who have said that there is as such not a single scientific proof which suggest that these bracelets work. Regulators and customers have moved against their manufacturers. A major negative ion bracelet producing company recently filed for bankruptcy.

Superstars and celebrities have often worn such Negative Ion Bracelets which have been one of the factors of this trend.

It has again not yet been proven if the negative ions of negative ion bracelets yield the same benefits, not that they counter the positive ions produced by electronics and pollution. Analysis of data however showed a significant improvement of pain scores, no differences had been observed among a group wearing placebo bracelet other wearing an ionized bracelet. This study thus concluded that no benefit is there in wearing a negative ion bracelet over the rubber one so as to reduce the muscle, joint pains.

Lack of a scientific proof has still not diminished the appeal of the negative ion bracelets. Men and women even wear them as a style statement.


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