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Web application security

by alandavid

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Web application are the most frequent targets for online hackers because they are your enterprise most visible point of entry and partly. Most enterprises must maintain a web presence in order to do business there is a little choice about facing the risk.

Web application security should be our top priority being protected about web application. When a web application hack by the hacker then money lost and also it is not finical and also business loss. When hacker hack the web application then IT will get the blame. Fair or unfair it does not matter whether an attack was preventable IT will get the blame. We no need to spend lot of money on security of web application only required a combination of security related best practices and tools.

If we host our website then it perimeter defenses are getting scanned all day long of vulnerabilities.  It not means you can safe your web application from hackers to inflict the further damage but they are compromise one of your web servers.

From minimized the hackers threat to reduce the attack surface of web application is to make sure  you are dropping all nonessential ports inbound to your web server farm if we exposing  a web application there is no reason to allow RDP to your web server and also there is no reason to allow ICMP.  TCP and UDP services to a web server may be required for testing or troubleshooting but there is no reason to allow any incoming connection to your web server other than TCP 80 and 443. Update your firewalls regularly especially when several people manage your corporate firewalls. Web application is does not necessary if we try to protect an internal web application but for large organization that have externally facing web application and lot of money to lose if hacker hack the application.

But many organizations do not monitor online activity at the web application level and hacker easily and freely hacks the application and their code and also experience hacker can break in using only a web browser and a dose of creativity and determination. If we provide not security to web application it means that we provide the way to hack the application to hackers. After hacking fix the situation after damage is not it is not a professional way. Mostly hackers’ attacked after the initial breach simply because hackers will not leave an audit trial.

ISO 27001 UK standard providing the security and mention the standard for web application so after following these standard we can save our application from hackers.

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