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1800LM CREE XML T6 LED Bicycle Light /Headlamp for Outdoor

by vekky

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Now the main city of more and more people ride bikes, it has become a means of transport for many commuters. Even now many spacious road, street light is bright, cycling through in these places don't need light, but in some road construction site, lonely stretch, suburban, old village, such as street lamps are damaged, authorities also had no time to repair. If the bike has a bicycle headlamp, the cyclists passing fear into manhole?


Now there are many kinds of LED bicycle light on the market, and there are a variety of styles. Today I would like to recommend you a 3 Modes 1800LM CREE XML T6 LED Bicycle Light Headlamp with 4.2V 8800mAh Battery Pack. It is portable and has reasonable price and good quality, never let you down.

About Bicycle Light/Headlamp

cree xm-lT6, is an innovative multi-functional lighting products. Combined with other accessories, it is a headlamp that is a bicycle led light. The United States cree xm-l u2 company core led maximum brightness is up to 1800 lumens ; vacuum plating aluminum mirror anti-halo, concentrating excellent care of the strong; lamp part angle can be adjusted, when the vertical height of 1.5 meters, parallel to the angle 45 degree oval spot coverage is the best lighting angle. 4 sections 18650 lithium battery pack combined into a battery pack improved four times for your outdoor activities.

This LED Bicycle Light/Headlamp is using CREE T6 LED, it’s very bright, up to 1800 Lumens. Improved smooth shape reflecting cup, accumulate light capacity better, ideal for mountain climbing, camping, hiking, forest exploring, caves exploring. Also can be used on riding at night, looking for something, walking at night etc…


1800LM CREE T6 LED Bicycle Light/Headlamp (
* BL002 thermostat using a unique circuit design, adjust the temperature, prevent overheating.
* Two elastic rubber rings, small ring for mounting light to the bracket for headlamp. Big ring for mounting the light to bicycle handlebar
* 4.2V 8800mAh portable power source, consisted of 4pcs 18650 batteries, putting in a pouch can be tied on waist belt and bicycle handlebar. Convenient and long time use
* Unique, compact, single head design, the application of the latest CREE XM-LT6 LED as light source, light output unmatched.
* High toughness HD glass lens provides maximum light transmission.
* Computer designed aluminum reflector cup, providing the perfect focus and flawless beam.
* Aerospace aluminum body shell, you can prevent the outside impact and the effective heat dissipation.
* Military grade hard anodized to resist external scratches and corrosion.
* O ring pick waterproof seal structure, to prevent storm weather rain infiltration.
* Advanced Battery capacity Reminder, flashes green prompt discharge capacity of the battery state of change.
* Versatile DC plug cable can be easily connected to the battery box and charger.
* The Bottom Switch with 3 light Modes: Strong light, Weak light and flashing for your choice

The main scope of the bicycle headlamp: scuba diving, hunting, fishing, riding, special gifts, camping, hiking, adventure, railways, mining, forestry, household lighting. T6 is your most comfortable night riding partner, is your outdoor climbing, camping equipment of choice. with such a multifunction CREE XM-LT6 led flashlight ( , you can do many things and life will become more colorful.

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