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Modern outdoor advertising- A break free from customary norm

by tdiindianew

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Advertising will have to adopt different forms for different media. Of course the theme and brand message can remain the same, but the approach and technique have to be different for different ad campaigns launched via different media. Radio ads should stress upon the strength of sounds and words since these ads provide only audio features to customers. Television ads should focus more on the context and appeal (emotional, fear, ego, possession etc). Newspapers ads on a different perspective should focus on the space and theme. Foroutdoor advertising fonts of copy, contrasting colours etc are important in order to draw attention to the brand. Some outdoor ads (launched through rich media) highlight the product and its brief features quite attractively. 
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We already know that there are various means of gaining attention from customers for your brand. However, what is important is not only to catch the attention of customers. The arrested attention should be enticing and convincing enough to pamper the customer to buy the product. Advertising is one such field where every advertiser looks for something new to break free from others. Making an impression about the product becomes challenging for advertisers especially when the choice has become limitless for every single brand. However, there is one ideal solution to create a unique impression about your brand through outdoor ads as they provide more exposure for brands through outdoor media or tools of brand promotion. Outdoor ads most of the time provide novel, new and exciting ideas which engage viewer’s attention. 


Amongst the various outdoor advertising tools, digital signage provides practical implications and makes brands quite attractive. These signages do not require any technician to erect new adverts for brands. Advertisers can themselves manipulate them and replace old adverts with fresh content or graphic display. Posters or roadside billboards need people to remove or replace old content.  However, with digital tools, there is no such need. Enhanced by a touch of technology and sophistication, modern outdoor advertising is indeed a break free from customary norms. 

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