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How to Find the Best Shipping Company for Your Import/Export

by johnfloyed

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Finding the right shipping company for your import and export business may be quite daunting. It is wise to ensure the safety of your products especially if it is being forwarded to clients all over the world. A booming import and export business does not develop overnight. In fact, you must familiarize yourself first with the nitty-gritty of this industry. So, before choosing the best shipping company out there for your business, it is advisable to educate yourself first.

Who are your Freight Forwarders?

Freight forwarders, also known as your shipping front line, are people who either drop off or pick up your goods. Make a constant effort of being friendly and considerate with them to establish a healthy professional relationship. Your freight forwarder is also licensed by the Federal Maritime Administration to administer the shipment of goods from various ports. So, why is it important to get to know them? Well, you will see how a flourishing professional relationship can affect your transactions. You will notice that your needs as a businessman or businesswoman will be easily be fulfilled.

Did I get the best price?

Do a little research and compare the rates of various shipping companies. We all want to get the best bang for our buck, so don’t go choosing the first shipping company that entices you. Of course, affordability is just one factor. Do a little background check and see if your chosen company is reputable and efficient. It is best to search for third party testimonials, or you can even ask your friends about which shipping company they usually vouch for.

What are the standard shipping procedures?

Before anything else, educate yourself first on how the import and export business works. From packaging guidelines, labeling, stamping, documentation, scheduling the best possible routes and researching foreign customs, tariff rates and regulations. Without knowing how the proper shipping procedure works, you won’t be able to determine which company will best suit your needs. You also don’t want to be overbilled with unnecessary expenses that are not essential to your business. Carefully plan out your strategy and you will be well on your way to choosing the best shipping company for your business.

Are your products insured?

Any reputable shipping company will offer you insurance against loss, damage, delay or pilferage. Sometimes weather conditions or other common hazards may affect the quality of your goods. Make sure that you are secured on your end to avoid any mishaps with your foreign clients. Keep in mind that if a shipping company does not offer the proper coverage, you may face a huge financial loss.

Keeping these points in mind, you hopefully won’t have a difficult time choosing the right shipping company for your import or export business. Always remember that knowing more about a shipping company will give you a better idea of whether is it the right one for you or not. There is no harm in asking questions to ensure not only your safety, but the company’s as well.

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