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Anti-slip floors, choose safer floors for safer homes and of

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Floors are an integral part of home and office decor. Many prefer marble and wooden floorings, which add to the charm of the interior decor, but you forget one thing, before getting these types of flooring done that these floors can pose a danger of accidental fall. These days we find the anti slip safety products and solutions, which helps us to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries at work place, homes and public places.  There are several firms providing such solutions at quite affordable rates. The application of these anti-slip floors and solutions can be found in shopping malls, school lobbies and campus, hospitals, offices, bathrooms, residential apartments and industrial plants etc. They are of great use in the places where you may find wet spaces and greasy surroundings, where there is high probability of an accidental fall or trip due to slippery floors.  

There are several companies providing easy solutions for existing wooden or marble floors, which would not need major structural changes, and thus save your valuable money. They offer anti-slip coating solutions, which can be applied on top of the already existing surface, and increase slip resistance from 50%-80%. The floor can be made of any material like marble, granite, shinny decorative ceramics and fibreglass but after the coating of this solution is done, they will form a better traction and anti-slip resistance will increase. This process is not time taking and it coating will dry up in12-24 hours. These firms suggest that these floors need proper maintenance, so that they last longer.   These solutions are prepared in the laboratories of these firms and they assure you that it would not damage the floor in anyway. These sites have beautiful videos and pictures of their previous successful projects and names of the clients who have had great experience of their quality service. 

There are firms which also offer wide range of anti-slip floorings which can be an overlay on the existing floors or replaced after a complete structural change. You may think of buying Anti-slip decking strips which is best suited for wet areas. It will of course not change the original natural look of the floors. The prices of all these products are clearly stated in the website, so it’s easier for you to decide on them. Anti-slip stair nosing is one sure short-cut to minimise the risks of falls and trips on the stairs, which may be wet and greasy. Stair tread covers are quite economical and effective way of covering the existing stairs with these overlays in a very short time. An open mesh grating can be used in industrial set-up for reducing the risk of accidents there. One may even choose solid gritted flat plates, which are resistant to wear and tear and are very solid. They can act as anti-slip floor on the existing floors of wood and fibreglass, just by overlaying them on it. The best thing is that it saves a lot of time which otherwise would have gone in major structural changes and also very economical.  These companies provide you the facility of transferring money through pay pal and master cards. Some give a time period of 7 days before starting the process of anti-slip flooring work, so that you can change your mind within this time frame. Some also provide customer case studies for your benefit. You can go through these data and then decide upon the anti-slip solution, which will be best suited for you. You can contact them just by a click of your mouse and feel free to call them for any query or order placement.   

Welcome to Deck safe Direct, we are a U.K based company providing<a href="" target="_blank"> Anti-slip decking </a>since 20 years, with extensive experience in this field. We are leading providers of<a href=""target="_blank"> stair nosing </a>and other anti slip safety products . We provide Computer aided design, Technical Assistance, Nationwide Installation, Site Surveys and Fabrication workshop, which are some of the U.S.Ps of the company. All the products are tested in accordance with BS-7976-2 and have been certified for providing great level of slip resistance. 

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