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Causes For Penis Sensitivity Loss And Ways To Restore It

by adultmart

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Sensitivity in male organ or penis is one of the major factor that defines a man, how he is stimulated, able to enjoy his partner and able to attain sensual satisfaction and release. It should be noted that the downside of the penis is regarded as the most sensitive part and source of sensual pleasure. Proper care should be taken of the male organ so that its sensitivity is maintained to achieve a longer sensual play. In order to achieve these, proper hygiene and skin care should be taken and online sex shop can be of great help.

Penis sensitivity research:-

Researchers have found that the most sensitive area in the penis is the base of the glans and also the base of the length. It is followed by the upper side of the penis. Lastly in the list are the sides of the penis and the length of the male organ. It is also seen that men have intact sheath in the penis have experienced a lot of sensitiveness in this area. It should be told that the sensation is caused by a network of nerve cells present just below the penis skin. These nerves are accountable for transmission of sensation to your brain. It should however be noted that if the penis loses it sensation, it is very difficult in creating feelings of pleasure and achieving pleasure can be much more difficult. Online sex toys helps in gaining much stimulation.

Causes in reduction of sensation in penis:-

There are a large number of factors which may lead to the lower sensitivity of penis. Age may be one of the main factors. Older men often complain that they lose sensation while many young men often reports of having lower sensitivity in penis. One of the main problem that causes this kind of reduction in sensitivity is due to the continue friction which are caused through masturbation, vigorous sex or rubbing against clothes. Blood circulatory issues sometimes cause this type of sensitivity impairment which is found in patients having problems with their weight or cardiovascular diseases. Another reason for the loss of sensitivity is due to smoking.

Suggestion for increase of sensitivity in penis:

Following tips can be seen as the ways to increase the stimulation in penis.

  • Penis should be well hydrated which helps in promoting a healthy smooth skin that is more responsive to touch.
  • Experimenting with different kinds of male masturbators as well as using feathers or partner’s touch can help in rejuvenating from the damages it has received from the continuous friction.
  • Toys like vibrators which are used by women to generate sensual realisation and arousal can also be used by men along the length of the male organ to regain the lost sensation.
  • Asking your partner to arouse other parts of your body like chest, neck can lead to increase sexual urge and feeling of more sexual pleasure.
  • Using of vitamins and moisturizers found in sex shop online can also help in regaining the penis sensitivity.

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