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What really makes you Joyful? Is it chocolate cake? A cool glass of champagne? Going to the movies? The majority of us can think of something like that and usually our delight is linked with how it makes us feel. Very few of us are glad because of the way we look.

As a matter of fact, it is not how you appear that ever makes you glad. How you seem is only vital because it can influence how you feel about yourself. That said, for most of us, our self-image takes a beating every week from the magazines we read and how we look is more expected to be the trouble than the key to our happiness.

A lot has been written regarding happiness over the years and the question of what makes us happy has troubled philosophers for centuries. The general view point of all the people is that few main "needs" do exist that contribute to a happy life and real happiness is only something to do with fulfilling and balancing these fundamental needs. Good examples are, wellbeing, liberty, food, family, friendship, love, laughter…there are many more and some have suggested they operate like a hierarchy. You should put in place the things that make you feel protected first, then the things that make you comfortable and then at last top this off with the things that bring laughter and enjoyment like that chocolate cake!

As women, we are perhaps more attuned to this hierarchy of needs than our male counterparts who can usually be fooled by their aggressive instincts into placing too much emphasis on job ambition and the trappings of wealth.

That may be the general rule, but there is one area where we ladies have a huge blind-spot when it relates to working out what is important. How we look! Where we fail is concentrating too much on our negatives and trying too intensely to suppress them. We usually opt to try and look good at the expense of our own comfort.

How many times have you attended a party in gorgeous, costly high heels, only to later take them off after the first hour for the reason that your feet are killing you?

Have you ever caught a chill as you winded up freezing in that attractive attire you just had to wear?

How often have you ended up being exhausted or dried out or both because you did not eat enough, drink sufficient water or sit down and rest during an all day wedding?

How many times have you ended up either ruining your shoes or straining a calf muscle trying to stop your heels sinking into squashy ground at a party or occasion that was outside?

Let’s face it girls, when it relates to high-fashion events, our prioritization and decision-making can truly let us down! It is unbelievable to think that on those on significant days like marriages, even our own marriage ceremony we often sacrifice comfort, fun and our very own delight in case we compromise how we look.

Next time you are going to to a wedding, an outdoor party or getting ready to stand all day in a marquee, take some easy measures to maximize your comfort and enjoy yourself more.

Eat something before you go. Drink a lot of water. Dress for the climate, wear comfortable shoes. If you are in high heels then get something such as Starlettos heel protectors and save your shoes and your feet. Put sunscreen on all the open areas before you go and take some along with you to keep your face protected. Now that you have made a priority of how you feel you are in a position to utilize the best secret weapon you have when you would like to look good - your beaming smile.

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