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Consumer loans provide loans without collateral

by jackythomas

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In this developing world many persons need improvement in his life style and in the competition of becoming more rich and comfortable lifestyle they have need of loans in investment for their business to grow up and spread it in the wide area. For the bank loans they have to put any collateral for guaranty of repayment of loan. In that situation if we have no any property to put on collateral then we can’t get any loan.

But here the forbrukslån understand your problem and provides you loan without collateral. This consumer loan provides loan with loan amounts up to 350,000 with a repayment period up to 12 years is quite flexible to adapt installments according to your wishes.

Consumer loans provide the facility of –

1. Consumer loans- (Up to 350,00without collateral.)

You can apply for consumer loans-

-  You must be above 20 years.                                                                                                             

-  You must have a regular income of at least 200,000 per year. 

-  You do not have payment defaults.

2. Consumer MINI-(A new product which provides up to 50,000.)

                           You can apply for consumer MINI-

- You must be at least 20 years.

- You must have a regular income for work or pension.

- You do not have payment defaults.

- Your income before taxes must be at least 120,000 per year.

3. Consumer credit- (up to 250,000)

  You can apply for consumer credit-

- You must be over 23 years.

- You must have a regular income of at least 200,000 per year.

- You do not have payment defaults.

4. Credits-(visa, master card, credit cards with sufficient bonus)

- Ikamo visa save 5,000 a year.

- Flexi visa card with 4% bonus               -       

- Shell master card with 1%bonus.

- Santander red visa credit card with favorable credit rate.

So don’t think more, it’s a great offer to be richer and fulfill your wishes. Here is no tension about collateral. So now you have a great opportunity to increase your capital. Now you have to no more compromise for your daily wishes and favorite things or bike etc. you can simply go for these loan facility and fulfill your needs anytime with full flexibility. You have to just contact them for your requirements.

You can take the advantage of this consumer loan by click on forbrukslån. You can also get whole information on or at forbrukslån på dagen.

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