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Jewelry Life-A Brief Introduction of Coral Jewelry

by anonymous

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This article will have a brief study of Coral jewelry. I will have some statements of the definition of coral jewelry, the history of coral jewelry, the living environment of coral jewelry, and how to identify coral jewelry and so on so forth. Firstly, let me introduce about what is coral jewelry. Many people maybe think that coral is a kind of rock which appears in the sea, or a sort of plant like seaweed in the sea but actually coral is a species of coelenterate-marine corals secrete calcium carbonate skeletons. So coral is literally the dead body of the animal.
So what is the original history of coral and coral jewelry? When did women start to wear coral necklace? It’s such a tricky question that nobody could give a firm answer. However, people believe that in ancient China, it’s for concubines’ jewelry. And we could see that coral is very precious for a long time. And nowadays, it’s the birth stone of March and as well, it’s the 35th anniversary of the wedding souvenir.
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You must be curious about the living environment of coral. Red corals grow at the temperature above 20℃, and the region should be near the equator in tropical and subtropical area. And it’s under the 100-1800m depth calm and clear rocks, platforms, slopes and cliff surface and the dents! It mainly distributes in the Mediterranean, Japan and Taiwan waters.
After knowing the facts about coral, how should we identify if it’s genuine or not for the wholesale coral jewelry? To identify coral is a school of thought but for normal people like us, we should at least know some basic knowledge. Reasonably, we should focus on the color, the texture, the weight and the size of the sample. Try to wear them and feel them. If you feel, the coolness of coral, the sample could be genuine. There are no the same coral strip in the world which means every piece of coral is unique. And the red color would change when you wear it because it promotes the blood circulation. In conclusion, coral jewelry is of the finest jewelry for all the kinds. If you have some coral jewelry, please keep it well. And also, it will benefit your health and disposition!

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