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Who is a good candidate for breast reduction surgery?

by gregore

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Breast Reduction: When Size Actually Matters


Breast reduction isn’t necessarily something you talk about in polite conversation. It certainly doesn’t get the attention that breast augmentation surgeries do. By and large, the reasons for having either surgery are different. While they are both cosmetic surgeries, augmentation is primarily for enhancing purposes, and although reduction can be for cosmetic reasons, there are typically other objectives involved. Namely, the relief of back and neck pain that is associated with overly large breasts. On the other hand, some women in Houston who have been graced with very large breasts may be uncomfortable with unwanted attention or not like how they look in clothes. Therefore, a reduction can be considered for health or cosmetic reasons.


Breast reduction and cosmetic issues

Even though cosmetic breast reduction isn’t as popular a surgery as some of the other procedures, it is safe and effective. A skilled plastic surgeon that specializes in reduction can offer a significant change in size and shape. Interestingly enough, there are esteem issues associated with overly large breasts in some women. They may feel uncomfortable in certain apparel, and they may have a difficult time shopping for matching tops and bottoms. Clothing that may fit comfortably around your hips might be too snug at the top. This can be especially true with swimwear, trying to find a bikini top and bottom to match.


Breast reduction and health issues


Large breasts can be excessively heavy due to the amount of tissue present. This weight can actually have an impact on daily life. Overly large breasts can cause a lot of discomfort and physical pain. They can be a strain on your back and neck. They can cause posture problems, as well. Breast reduction surgery is designed to remove unwanted fat from the breast as well as excessive tissue. Your surgeon will reduce your breasts to a more proportional size for your physique. This will alleviate the associated pain and discomfort. Large breasts can also cause bra straps indentations on your shoulders.


Who is a good candidate for breast reduction surgery?

Some issues that make you a good candidate for breast reduction surgery include:


• You are self-conscience about your breasts; you think they are too large.


• Your breasts hang low, or your nipples appear below the breast crease.


• You have stretched skin and enlarged areolas.


• You have rashes underneath the crease of the breast.


• You endure neck, shoulder, and back pain.


Having reduction surgery is not an easy decision to make. It is a highly personal choice and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly.


Breast reduction safety

Your Houston breast reduction surgeon will clarify in great detail the surgical procedure. Like all surgeries, breast reduction carries with it some potential risks. A board certified plastic surgeon will minimize these risks. The procedure is done many times every year without problems and with positive results. He or she will help you understand just what you can expect the results of the surgery to be, and any possible complications that might be involved. Your goals for reduction will be safely met and ultimately you will have the size that matters to you.

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