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Jewelry Design: A Lucrative and Creative Pursuit

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Jewelry design is a lucrative and creative career pursuit. Evolution of the fashion industry has given a boost to the sector. There are several institutions and certified online forums that offer courses in jewelry design.

Jewelry design, dressing up and looking good has been integral to mankind since time immemorial. Archaeological findings and relics from the past prove this beyond doubt. In fact historical records indicate that creating and designing jewelry for men and women was entrusted to a select group in the civil society. The technicalities and art of stringing together precious gems, pearls and trinkets to create pieces for wearing around the neck, ears, arms and feet was passed on from  one generation to another. The trade was restricted to a particular community of craftsmen.

 Modernization of the Concept

Over the years, especially with the evolution of the global fashion industry, jewelry design has taken on a completely new significance. Fashion gurus constantly emphasize on the importance of accessorizing. Any apparel is necessarily combined with matching ornaments, footwear and headgear. With the passage of time ornaments have become sleek, fancy and exclusive.

Owning jewelry, especially gold has always been treated as an important indicator of wealth and status, in all societies. With democracy and secularism making inroads into modern existence, the regressive concept of restricting a section of the society from dressing up and looking good has changed. Everyone has the freedom to look good and no profession is restricted to a certain class. In fact there are popular global brands that manufacture signature jewelry for connoisseurs from all walks of life.

A Lucrative and Creative Pursuit

If the creative in you is ready to understand and learn the technicalities of making ornaments, then you are on. The industry is growing and expanding globally. As a result there has been a significant rise in employment opportunities for trained professionals.

Fashion houses and major jewelry brands are constantly on the lookout for the artistic and qualified who can design jewelry for the gen-next!

Courses of Study

 There are several institutions and specialized colleges that offer courses in jewelry design. Those with an aptitude can enroll for these study programs soon after they finish high school. The sector is growing and the demand for skilled designers is very high. Therefore, prospects for the interested are quite good.

With the rise in moneyed middle class, there has also been a rise in the demand for branded jewelry. Though gold dominates the market, other metals are also very popular with the modern generation. There are so many roles that a qualified jewelry designer can get into. That includes going into the manufacturing business; designing; repairing or even a lapidary. Fact is people employed in the industry can very easily earn up to $ 30,000 annually.

Besides courses offered by regular institutes, students can enroll for online jewelry design programs offered by certified institutes.

The fashion industry is expanding and jewelry design and technology is an upcoming industry. If you are creative and have a technical bent of mind, then you should pursue a course. Once you train and begin work, there is no looking back. A career in the field is financially very lucrative. Time to channelize and convert your passion into a profitable career!

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